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Our educational day camps are full of interactive fun and adventure. Campers will enjoy our small class sizes with experienced instructors. Camp OC is a great place to try new things or engage their passions such as art, science, computers and so much more.   

Grades 2 - 3

Grades 4 - 6

Camp Schedule by Week

Grades 4-6: Jr. Art Academy

Do you like hands-on art projects and love seeing your creativity come to life? Well, if art is your “thing," then our Art Academy is where you need to be! You will paint, draw, sketch and sculpt all types of media into creative masterpieces that even Van Gogh would have been stunned by. Let your creative mind soar in this artistic exploration.  

*Please wear painting clothes and painting shoes.* 

Grades 4-6: Jr. Minecraft™

From computer science to exploring your artistic talents Minecraft – Education Edition will let you explore endless opportunities to discover, create, build, tell a story, and learn in ways you couldn’t imagine. Come join us as we collaborate with fellow campers, solve problems, and create something cool in this digital world. Explore cities, travel the Minecraft world, explore basic coding and compete in artistic challenges - the options are limitless this week! 

Grades 2-3: Mini Art Academy

Do you love art? So do we! Join us this week to unleash your inner artist. This camp is all about letting your creativity flow as you explore different artistic techniques and bring your works of art to life. Experiment with various art forms such as sketching, painting or sculpting and maybe even find a new passion while you’re at it. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or looking to try something new, there is no doubt this camp will be art-tastic! 

*Please wear painting clothes and painting shoes.*

Grades 2-3: Mini Explore Camp

Can’t decide what camp you want to do? Why not join us this week, where you get to do a little bit of everything. We have a lot of fun things planned, everything from arts and crafts, sports, science experiments, music, building, testing and exploring. Are you game for a surprise? Then this is the camp for you! 

Grades 4-6: Roblox™ Revealed

Is Roblox™ really just a game? This week we will explore the creative world of Roblox while also keeping in mind the world around us. You will make your own Roblox games, tackle build challenges and learn some coding in the programming language, Lua. Hone your problem-solving skills then see how we can relate it all to our everyday life. What would it really take to build a city, or run a successful business or be a world-renowned architect? Explore these ideas and let us power your imagination! 

*Roblox will be used as a tool to teach the coding and address real life scenarios. Participants are expected to already have their own full PC version Roblox account on the first day of camp (including login and password) for their personal use.* 

Grades 2-3: Mini Survivor

If you are into challenges, puzzles, obstacles, teamwork and races, then this week is designed for you! You will be challenging both your brain and body with obstacle courses, teamwork challenges, riddles and puzzles as well as races and individual tasks. Who will be the last one standing? 

Grades 2-3: Mini Minecraft™

Join us and explore the world of STEM using Minecraft – Education Edition! This week will be full of creative fun, all while “playing” one of your favourite video games. You will experiment with basic coding concepts, unlock your creativity and work with your fellow campers on game projects and challenges. Come on - let’s build something really cool through the power of play. 

Grades 4-6: Extreme Survivor™ Challenge

Are you up for a challenge? Do you think you have the brain power to figure out the puzzle? Do you think you can hurdle past your opponents to win? Can you eat the mystery blender drink? Do you have what it takes to be a team player? Come join us for a week of races, puzzles, obstacle courses and endurance challenges. 

ONLINE Red Cross Babysitting Training

Help your child build valuable life skills in the Canadian Red Cross Babysitting course. This newly refreshed and revised online course aimed at 11-15 year olds now has a greater emphasis on first aid skills and provides improved learning when it comes to giving the appropriate care in the event of an emergency. This course also covers everything from managing difficult behaviours to leadership and professional conduct as a babysitter. Registrants will also learn basics of age-appropriate care such as changing a diaper, feeding, maintaining discipline, and having fun while staying safe. Course includes: Red Cross Babysitting manual and Babysitting certificate card. 

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