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Quarantine planning for International students travelling to Canada

Please note

Okanagan College strongly recommends that all international students planning to travel to Canada fully understand the Government of Canada and BC Government laws and regulations before making travel plans. Please note that Government of Canada and BC Government restrictions and regulations are subject to change. Please check the government websites for the most up-to-date information.

Quarantine and travel planning

Updated November 18, 2021

Effective October 30, 2021 travellers will need to be fully vaccinated in order to board flights. By November 30, 2021, all travellers 12 years and older must be fully vaccinated.

For details visit the Government of Canada travel, quarantine and borders website.

  • All incoming students must have a suitable quarantine plan where they can stay for at least 14 days.  This is mandatory whether you are fully vaccinated or not.  Final determination will be made by a government representative based on the information presented by you at the time of your entry into Canada.
  • To be considered fully vaccinated, a traveller must have received the full series of a vaccine — or combination of vaccines — accepted by the Government of Canada at least 14 days prior to entering Canada.
  • All international students planning on travelling to Canada for the purpose of studying at Okanagan College (OC) must submit their travel and quarantine plans to Okanagan College International as part of an approved COVID-19 readiness plan.
  • As part of pre-arrival planning, all travellers must ensure they are using the BC COVID-19 Support app as well as submit their plan to the ArriveCAN app.
  • Students are responsible to cover all costs associated with testing and quarantine hotel expenses, and must have financial support documents to demonstrate their ability to pay for hotel and accommodation costs.

To request a "Travel Support Letter", submit your travel and quarantine plans by clicking the button below.

 Submit the required plans

Students should plan to arrive to Canada with enough time to complete a 14-day quarantine in case it is required and before the in-person orientation and in-person classes begin.  Students should not arrive more than 21 days before the start of classes, as travel may be considered optional and discretionary and you may be refused entry to Canada.

Carefully read all details on this page first:

  1. Determine your eligibility to travel and enter Canada.  You must have approval for a Study Permit and Entry Visa and be registered to start your classes within 21 days after arriving.
  2. Book your flights making sure to arrive with enough time to quarantine in case it is required, and attend the required in-person orientation and start of face-to-face classes.
  3. Book accommodations that are suitable to quarantine (in case it is required).
  4. Purchase early arrival medical insurance from for all days that you are travelling and in Canada before the first day of first month of the semester start.
  5. Submit your travel quarantine plan at least 10 days prior to travelling to Okanagan College International Education (OCIE). If eligible, you will be provided a letter of support for travelling to Canada within 1 week before departure date.
  6. Request your travel support letter by completing your quarantine plan at the button above.
  7. Submit the required travel details using the ArriveCAN app. (Government of Canada) before travelling.
  8. Get your pre-entry molecular test result within 72 hours of departure

When booking your flight to Canada, be sure to book a connecting flight directly to your final destination airport in Kelowna (YLW) or Penticton (YYF).  It is advisable to book flights with the least number of connections. Direct to Vancouver as your port of entry to Canada is ideal.

OC requires all students have valid medical insurance before the date of travel.

As part of your quarantine plan, if you are entering Canada as an OC student for the first time, you need to purchase the early arrival medical coverage from our portal. 

How to purchase the early arrival coverage: 

  1. Make sure you have a credit card to complete the transaction
  2. Access the Early Arrivals - Okanagan College |
  3. Enter your student number and Date of Birth
  4. Fill out your Travel Information 
  5. Fill out Coverage Dates (Start Date’ is your departure date and ‘End Date’ is December 31 – the fee is $2 CAD per day) 
  6. Check off the agreement boxes and click ‘Submit’ 
  7. You can review the Policy Summary and Wording in many languages
  8. To complete, click on ‘Purchase’ 
  9. If you have dependents, you can add them to your policy after by clicking ‘Dependents’ - Okanagan College | 

Please be aware OCIE will enroll all newly arrived students with coverage for the first semester and until BC MSP is confirmed (note: $250 charge will show on your OC student account).

Upon arrival in BC you must apply for BC Medical Services Plan (MSP). View the guide below or contact us at

Returning/current students, please make sure your MSP coverage is active and valid.

  • Pack enough clothes for 14 days as you will not have access to laundry facilities until after the isolation period
  • Bring enough toiletries for 14 days
  • Bring your own electronic devices (laptop, tablet, cellular phone, etc.) as you will not be permitted to leave your room for 14 days, except to seek medical assistance
  • Report by email to the OC International Settlement and Support team confirming your arrival and completion of 14-day quarantine upon receiving your final COVID test result
  • If you feel unwell or exhibit COVID-19 symptoms, please call HealthLink BC at 8-1-1 for guidance, and notify International Education immediately
  • You will not be permitted to have any guests to your room during the quarantine period
  • Check-in within 48 hours of arrival through the ArriveCAN app or call 1-833-641-0343

Two popular super markets in the Okanagan Region offer online shopping and deliveries. Both carry a wide variety of food and healthcare products:

There are many options in Kelowna for take-out restaurant meals and delivery services:


If you need assistance or have questions with regard to your travel or quarantine plan, please send an email to 

Use the iCent app to book a virtual appointment with an International Student Settlement and Support Service team member.

To get in touch with other International Education Staff such as an International Education Advisor (Academic), International Student Immigration Advisor or International Student Recruiter, visit Meet the Team.