Quarantine plan for International students travelling to Canada

This information is for all new and current Okanagan College students who are currently outside of Canada and planning to travel to Canada to study at Okanagan College. If you are making plans to come to Canada please let us know by contacting Okanagan College International Education by emailing . 

The 14-day quarantine plan is required by law under Canada's current travel restrictions.

Download the fillable OC Self-Isolation Plan (PDF)

Pre-arrival planning

Step-by-step instructions

Note: all steps must be completed prior to travelling to Canada. Please begin these steps at least 3-4 weeks in advance of your departure.

  1. Send an email to OC International to to notify us that you are intending to travel to Canada.
  2. OC will set up a virtual meeting to confirm your travel itinerary and review your quarantine plan.
  3. When booking your flights to Canada, make sure you book a connecting flight to Kelowna (YLW).
  4. Book and confirm your accommodation for your quarantine period.
  5. Submit your Government of Canada info for travelers entering Canada and submit your Quarantine contact information using the ArriveCAN app.
  6. Submit your BC Self-Isolation Plan to the BC Government (online form or downloadable PDF form).
  7. Submit your BC Self-Isolation Plan together with your OC Self-Isolation Plan form via email to OC International settlement and support team at
  8. Confirm you have medical insurance coverage.

    Letter of support

    Okanagan College can issue letters of support to international students with an approved study permit planning to travel to Canada. First, students traveling to Canada must send us an email to with a copy of your BC Self-Isolation Plan. We will then send you the following documents.

    New students: 

    • Travel to Canada Letter of Support
    • Letter of Acceptance
    • Course registration history

    Returning and current students:

    • Travel to Canada Letter of Support
    • Copy of unofficial transcript

    Medical insurance

    Timing of travel to Canada

    Okanagan College Winter 2021 semester classes begin on January 4, 2021. Because the College will be closed and most staff not working during the holiday period December 24, 2020 until January 3, 2021, the virtual orientation for new students will take place on December 16,17,18, 2020. Please ensure that you are available to participate online and not traveling on those dates. 

    For students currently studying and looking to arrive in the Fall 2020 semester, travel to Canada is not recommend mid-semester as this may be disruptive to your studies. Should you need to travel mid-semester, please make sure to book your trip outside of your scheduled class time.


    When booking your flight to Canada, please make sure you book a connecting flight directly to Kelowna (YLW). It is much simpler, faster, and safer to fly directly to Kelowna, rather than flying to Vancouver and then travelling to Kelowna with a separate flight or other arrangements.

    Arrival in Kelowna and quarantine requirements

    Transportation to your quarantine location

    Travel only by airport-approved taxi from the Kelowna International Airport to your quarantine location ensuring physical distancing measure at all times and do not share rides with other travelers. For homestay and hotel quarantine, transportation will be arranged for you. Taxis at the airport are prepared to transport international travelers under isolation measures.

    Local Kelowna taxi companies include:

    • Kelowna Cabs 250-762-2222
    • Current Taxi 250-864-8294
    • West Cabs 778-754-8888

    *Please record your taxi and driver information as it may be collected for contact tracing.

    Accommodation for your 14-day quarantine

    You will be required legally to check in to your individual room and remain there in quarantine for 14 days. OC International will assist you with implementing your quarantine plan. To ensure your preferences, the best possible rates and availability, please let us know as early as possible in your planning.


    Hampton Inn and Suites by Hilton and Four Points by Sheraton are a group of new hotels conveniently located near the Kelowna airport, offering 14-night minimum self-quarantine period stay including 3 meals per day. Packages include accommodation, high-speed Internet access, along with breakfast, lunch and dinner delivered to your room. Transportation from the Kelowna airport (YLW) to the hotel is included.

    • Hampton Inn: $1,666 ($119/night) + $266 taxes (16%) = $1,933
    • Four Points: $1,806 ($129/night) + $289 taxes (16%) = $2,095

    For bookings:

    Download the Hampton Inn offer    Download the Four Points offer


    OC International has a great network of Host families that can provide affordable accommodation to meet your needs. All fees must be paid in advance of placement and availability may be limited. 

    • Short stay for 14-day self-quarantine period including 3 meals per day and snacks. Transportation to your homestay from the airport will be arranged and you will be placed in a home in your private bedroom with a separate bathroom. The all included cost is $1,000 (limited spaces available).
    • For those looking to live in homestay longer term for the semester (a minimum 2 months), regular rates apply for homestay ($800 per month + placement fee $200 = $3,400 for 1 semester) including 3 meals per day and the self-quarantine fee may be waived. Meals are still included. Contact for details and availability. Visit the homestay website.

    What to expect during quarantine period

    • Pack enough clothes for 14 days because you will not have access to laundry facilities until after the isolation period
    • Bring enough toiletries for 14 days
    • Bring your own electronic devices (laptop, tablet, cellular phone, etc.) as you will not be permitted to leave your room for 14 days, except to seek medical assistance
    • Expect a regular check in from the International Settlement and Support team to ensure that you are healthy and that you have everything you need and that you are adhering to your quarantine plan.
    • If you feel unwell or exhibit COVID-19 symptoms, please call HealthLink BC at 811 for guidance, and notify International Education immediately
    • You will not be allowed to have any guests during the quarantine period
    • Check in within 48 hours of arrival through the ArriveCAN app or call 1-833-641-0343.

    What do do if you become sick

    Social supports

    Online delivery of necessities and groceries

    Two popular super markets in Kelowna offer online shopping and deliveries. Both carry a wide variety of food and healthcare products:

    Meal delivery options

    There are many options in Kelowna for take-out restaurant meals and delivery services:


    If you need assistance or have questions with regard to your travel or quarantine plan, please send us a quick email to requesting:

    • To book an appointment to have a live chat with an International Student Settlement and Support Service team member
    • To get in touch with other International Education Staff such as an International Education Advisor (Academic), International Student Immigration Advisor or International Student Recruiter, visit Meet the Team.

    Use the iCent app to connect with us today and book a virtual appointment today!

    Download a PDF of these instructions