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GROW @ OC live sessions have wrapped up.  Thank you for your interest and participation.


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If you're interested in checking out resources from our recent GROW@OC series, you can view recordings and powerpoints here.

What students had to say about GROW@OC

I thoroughly enjoyed the variety of relevant topics and possible strategies for success, as well as the opportunity to hear from a diverse group of presenters from across the valley.

It’s been fun and very helpful.

It was a great way to build a safe community

Attending GROW@OC helped me feel like I wasn't the only one feeling overwhelmed.

Everyone was awesome, welcoming, and down to earth. It’s an awesome idea.

The session I was able to go to was very welcoming and felt very safe. I appreciated having recordings of the sessions I wasn’t able to attend

GROW @ OC gave me the opportunity to talk to fellow students and staff in the college-life-struggle. We all benefited by being a part of a community that shares stress management methods, study tips, and overall life advice.