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Has anxiety or feeling overwhelmed ever gotten in the way of your learning? Want to improve your grades or simply set yourself up for success in this unusual online semester?  Looking to connect with other OC students?  

Join us for GROW @ OC... 

GROW @ OC is an online drop-in workshop series for all registered OC students to connect and learn strategies to be an effective student and a healthier human. We’ll learn and practice tools to help you to become a more resilient and proactive student. Themes we will explore are inspired by student feedback and will include: the challenges of being a student, time management, stress, self-care, productivity and motivation, how not to be so hard on yourself, etc.  

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What you need to know

We will hold workshops on Zoom every Monday at 3:30 p.m. (Jan. 18 - April 26, 2021). Workshops are led by OC counsellors and are FREE to all registered OC students. You can choose to have your video on or off. Sharing is primarily done through whiteboard activities and chat and you can stay anonymous if you prefer. 

You'll have a chance to: 

  • learn study skills and strategies for wellness; 
  • connect with other students; and 
  • start your week off on a good note. 

New to Winter 2021 semester

GROW @ OC is growing and evolving and this semester we are trying out some variety in our workshop offerings. All workshops will start at 3:30 p.m. on Mondays. Some workshops will be 1 hour long  - we call this GROWhour - and the others will be just 30 minutes long - a kind of 'power session' that we call GROWbooster.  We encourage students to attend whichever of the workshops feel like a fit for them and their schedule.  

GROWhour - (60 min) A longer workshop to allow for more in-depth exploration of certain topics

Will include:

  • Check-in 
  • Opportunity to learn about and discuss a topic related to student success and wellness 
  • Short break (with the choice to try out a brief guided activity)   
  • Check-out/discussion 

GROWbooster - (30 min) A quick 'power session' to allow students to stay connected weekly 

Will include:

  • Brief check-in 
  • 1 strategy, likely related to the theme from the week before 
  • Check-out/discussion 

To attend, please register for the series. You can sign up at any point in the semester – it's never too late.  

  • OC Counselling will send you weekly reminders with a workshop description and zoom link for the upcoming session, and then you can choose if you want to attend
  • We understand that your days are busy and ever changing right now, so you can attend as many or few as you like, depending on what fits for you each week
  • You can email any time if you wish to be removed from the registration list

Student testimonial


GROW @ OC gave me the opportunity to talk to fellow students and staff in the college-life-struggle. We all benefited by being a part of a community that shares stress management methods, study tips, and overall life advice."

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Confidentiality agreement and code of conduct

All participants must agree with the confidentiality and code of conduct as part of registration. Thank you for helping to co-create an environment where the sharing of experience and ideas is authentic, respectful, and free of harassment.


We are committed to respecting each participant, which includes the maintenance of confidentiality. Your privacy is important to us, however confidentiality is not absolute. In the following circumstances, it is our duty to disclose participant information:

  1. If we have reason to believe that a minor (under the age of 19) is in need of protection.
  2. If we have reason to believe that a person is a danger to themselves or others.
  3. If a judge, coroner, ombudsperson, children’s commission and/or other such authorities order us to release records or to appear and provide information.
  4. If we have reason to believe that there is potential risk to an individual or to the broader college community. 

To protect the privacy of other participants, we ask that you take what you learned and leave what you heard, especially any specific information about other participants.

Also, please note that this is not a therapy group. These workshops are designed to be psycho-educational and supportive in nature, which means they will help you to learn about topics related to psychology and how to take care of yourself, while allowing some voluntary discussion among participants. Individuals requiring therapeutic support are encouraged to seek individual counselling (e.g. through OC Counselling Services for students)

Code of conduct:

To support an environment that is respectful of all, it is expected that participants will conduct themselves appropriately, according to OC policies on non-academic conduct, harassment and discrimination.  Anyone violating these codes of conduct may be denied access to current and future sessions, at the discretion of the facilitators.  For more information on OC policy outlining the expected and appropriate conduct of OC staff and students, please visit:

GROW motivation and productivity video segment