Tourism and Hospitality Focused Summer Courses

Okanagan College is offering low-cost programming to support the Tourism and Hospitality sector throughout the summer months. We are pleased to offer short courses delivered online that will fit both your schedule and provide additional support at this time. While these courses will have tourism and hospitality in mind, they are open to all.

Registration is Simple

If your business is paying for yourself or a group of your employees: First, see below for more information about the BC Employer Training Grant that you may be eligible for. Second, download the following sponsorship form, have the appropriate representative fill it out, and send it to us at We’ll process that information and get back to you with registration details and the appropriate invoice.

If your business is not paying for you and you are paying for yourself: You can follow the process above or register online here.

Our Course List


In this online course, learners will improve their interpersonal communication skills and acquire strategies to address communication challenges and breakdowns in the workplace. Communication breakdowns in the workplace can have negative consequences such as conflict, safety issues, reduced employee engagement, reduced productivity, stress and high turnover in staff. This course provides learners with communication skills that improve both sides of communication; ensuring clarity of the message being delivered and actively listening with a sense of open curiosity to hear the messages of others.

Learning Outcomes
1. Practice appropriate communication tool selection for the delivery of different messages.
2. Describe how to construct communication that results in clarity of each message.
3. Apply active listening skills to improve communication with others.

Dates: July 20 – Aug. 9
Delivery method: Online. Self-directed, complete any time. Estimated 8 hours of work.
Cost: $100 + GST, 10% discount for BCHA members

Managing Conflict

Conflict arises in all workplaces and those in a leadership role must know how to manage conflict. How we respond and deal with the conflict will define the result. This course will allow you to see the connections between responses and actions and then identify shifts you can make to build better relationships. Strategies for dealing with difficult people, having difficult conversations and providing meaningful feedback will be provided.

Learning Outcomes
1. Identify the causes and reactions to conflict
2. Develop methods to respond effectively to conflict
3. Identify ways to give meaningful feedback

Dates: Aug. 3 – 30.  1-hour lectures: 9 a.m. Thursdays, Aug. 6, 13, 20 & 27
Delivery method: Online. 1-hour per week online sessions + estimated 2 hours independent work online (1/2 hour per week)
Cost: $150 + GST, 10% discount for BCHA members

BC Employer Training Grant

Be reimbursed for 60% of your training costs. See below for a step-by-step guide.

The BC Employer Training Grant (ETG) is a reimbursement program from WorkBC for employers to support workforce training. The ETG has four streams depending on the type of training and the education level of the participants taking the training, and the above training should fall into the Workforce Training Stream. The basic process is:

- Ensure you have a Business BCeID
- Apply for funding from Work BC
- Receive acceptance of application and provide participant details
- Register and pay for training for your employees
- Submit payment to WorkBC for a % reimbursement of training costs

We are happy to help you directly during any step of this process, as is WorkBC. WorkBC has a host of resources to determine your specific eligibility, including a great resource for Choosing the Right Stream and a set of Eligibility Criteria documents to assist you. If you have questions, you can read their FAQ document as well. You can always contact them directly at the contact info below, or our Corporate Training Specialist for assistance:

OC’s Corporate Training Specialist:
Phone: 250-864-5921

To contact WorkBC directly:
Help desk phone: 250-952-6914

A Step-by-Step Guide

Ensure you have a Business BCeID
To apply for the grant for any course, you’ll need a Business BCeID. You do not need to know what training you or your employees are taking before acquiring a Business BCeID.

If you don’t already have a Business BCeID, here is link to BCeID registration. Be sure to do this early, as it can take some time. If you’re not sure if your business has one, you can search their business directory under the same link.

Apply for funding from WorkBC
Once you know which course or courses you want to register your employees in, and you have a firm idea of how many employees will take the training, fill out an application for the BC Employer Training Grant. Click here to log in with your BCeID, and be sure to click on the Workforce Training Stream. There will be some basic questions for you that can be answered with reference to the course information above. If you have any questions, reach out to our training specialist above for the details that you need. Note – you do not need to register for your courses prior to applying for the reimbursement grant.

Receive acceptance of application and provide participant details
WorkBC will work quickly to process your application and confirm or decline your application via email. Once confirmed, you will be asked to report the specific employees who are taking the training, and they will be required to also fill out information regarding their work and taking of the training.

Register and pay for training for your employees
Once you’ve received acceptance of the grant, you can register your employees in their course(s). When doing so, you’ll need to fill out an Okanagan College Sponsorship Form. When completed, send it to us at and we’ll confirm receipt and registration of the participants.

Submit payment to WorkBC for a % reimbursement of training costs
WorkBC will require a receipt of your payment for training within 30 days of the training start date to reimburse you. Okanagan College will expedite an invoice for you and a confirmation of payment once received. Companies can pay by cheque or credit card.