Concentration in Data Science and Statistics

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The Concentration in Data Science and Statistics provides students with skills in applied Data Science and applied Statistics. Students develop competence in areas such as data visualization, machine learning, regression, big data and modern statistical algorithms. Completion of this Concentration will provide students with a valuable skill-set that is applicable to a wide variety of careers.

A concentration in Data Science and Statistics will be of interest to degree students looking to strengthen their principal credential. Students enrolled in a four year degree program at Okanagan College (such as the BBA program) can apply credits earned in the completion of electives in these programs toward a transcript notation awarding them a Concentration in Data Science and Statistics.


Program Outline

The Concentration in Data Science and Statistics will be granted upon the successful completion of 18 credits including DSCI 300, DSCI 310, either MATH 314 or MATH 221 (note that MATH 221 has a MATH 112 prerequisite and a MATH 122 co-requisite), one of STAT 121 (minimum grade of 70%), STAT 124 (minimum grade of 70%) or STAT 230, and any 2 courses with the STAT prefix at at least a 300 level or any courses with a DSCI prefix (other than 300 and 310).



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