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OCFA represents more than 300 faculty members of Okanagan College. It serves to maintain and promote the professional status of the members of the Association, to regulate relations between faculty and OC through collective bargaining, and to function as a trade union pursuant to the laws of British Columbia.

OCFA Executive Contacts

Sharon Mansiere
250-328-2206 smansiere@okanagan.bc.ca
Rod Watkins
First VP, Chief Steward
250-804-9973 rpwatkins@okanagan.bc.ca
Bob Groves
2nd VP, Bargaining Chair
Doug Birtwistle
250-718-4380 dbirtwistle@okanagan.bc.ca
Sasha Johnston
250-308-6687 SLJohnston@okanagan.bc.ca

Additional Information for OCFA Members

OCFA Handbook
Right of accrual explained (pdf)
Updated OCFA salary scales - Effective February 3, 2019 - March 31, 2019. Includes Economic Stability Dividend (ESD) rates, and recent salary increases as outlined in the Collective Agreement.


Last updated September 11, 2019

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