1.    Do I need to submit an REB application?

  • If your research involves humans then it requires REB approval
  • May involve asking subjects to participate in questionnaires, interviews, focus groups, testing, observation, video and audio taping
  • Subjects may be OC faculty, staff, students or administration or the public
  • Research involving human biological materials, as well as human embryos, fetuses fetal tissues, stem cells etc.
  • Class projects requiring students to conduct research involving human subjects
  • Anyone not affiliated with OC who wants to conduct research at OC must submit an application for review on OC forms
  • Requires a letter of permission from the OC department or administrative unit responsible for the space or resources to be used
  • If research is done elsewhere and is associated with OC then REB approval is required
  • If faculty are working at OC but taking time to do graduate studies then OC requires documentation of REB approval. Additionally, a cover letter stating that the faculty member is conducting the research on their own time and separate from OC is required.
  • Information gathering activities that
    • Produces data that may be used for publication
    • May be used to increase current knowledge
    • Is done with participants unaware
    • Involve “at risk” participants
    • Is conducted such that individuals may be identified

 2.    What forms do I fill out?  

  • All forms are found on the REB web page for Okanagan College. Please complete the form titled, Research Ethics Board, Application for Ethical Review
  • At this same location is a file titled “Guidelines for completing the ethics application. This will help describe the process. Additionally there are a number of items required for a complete submission. The list can also be found at the website listed above.

 3.    If I know I need approval what do I do now?  

  • Complete your application!

 4.    What is the process once I submit my application?  

    The committee reviews the application and comes back with a verdict of a) approved without     amendments, b) conditional approval with clarifications, or c) not approved. If approved a REB     certificate will be created for the project. They are valid for one year but a renewal is possible.

    If the project is conditionally approved then changes must be made to the application. The     corrections are submitted to the chair who distributes it to the committee to check. If acceptable a     certificate of ethical acceptability is handed out. A project that is rejected can be rewritten and     resubmitted or it is possible for the applicant to appeal the REB committee’s decision.

 5.    I need a list of forms. What do I complete!  

  • Form 1: The application
  • Form 2: A consent form
  • Form 3: Remote contact form
  • Letter of Initial contact
  • Form 4: Deception Form
  • Form 5: Amendment to an existing project
  • Form 6: Annual Status Report & Renewal Request
  • Form 7: Application for Undergraduate Students (see guidelines in section indicated on previous slide)
  • Agency approval
  • For student projects a resume is required.
  • A formal description of the research project.
  • A list of interview questions (whether for a written questionnaire or oral interview).