Office of the Vice President Education

Our Office

Reporting to the President, the Vice President Education plays an integral role by providing leadership within the College community in the setting and achievement of the Strategic Plan and academic priorities of the College.

The Vice President Education office oversees the administration of all educational programs, actively encouraging excellence in a learner centered approach to teaching. As Chair of the Deans Forum, the Vice President Education leads an effective academic and administrative decision-making process.

The Vice President Education office is accountable for the development of successful outcomes with respect to the objectives of the Okanagan College Long-term Education Plan.

The Vice President Education office provides administrative support for the Extended Study Leave, Professional Allowance and Grants-in-Aid funds provided to Okanagan College faculty members.


Andrew Hay
Andrew Hay
Vice President, Education
Dr. Andrew Hay, P.Eng
Tel: (250) 862-5628
Fax: (250) 862-5437

Executive Assistant
Lara Jennings, B.Comm.
Tel: (250) 762-5445 ext 4739
Fax (250) 862-5437


Arts and Foundational Programs

Deans & Directors

Dr. Robert Huxtable
Tel: (250) 762-5445 ext. 4765

Tracy Riley, Associate Dean
Tel: (250) 762-5445 ext 8236

Sharon Josephson, Associate Dean
Tel: (250) 762-5445 ext 4504

Eve Avis, Assistant to the Dean
Tel: (250) 762-5445 ext 4734

Please visit our Arts University Studies website or
Foundational Programs website for complete program information.


Okanagan School of Business
Business 1

Deans & Directors

William Gillett, Dean
Tel: (250) 762-5445 ext 4224

Dr. Barry McGillivray, Associate Dean
Tel: (250) 762-5445 ext 4361

Jonathan Rouse, Associate Dean
Tel: (250) 762-5445, 4684

Lynn Kohout, Assistant to the Dean
Tel: (250) 762-5445 ext 4325

Please visit our Okanagan School of Business website
for complete program information.


Science, Technologies & Health
Science 1

Deans & Directors

Yvonne Moritz, Dean
Tel: (250) 862-5468

Lisa Kraft, Associate Dean
Tel: (250) 762-5445 ext 4961

Laura Thurnheer, Associate Dean
Tel: (250) 762-5445 ext 4345

Laura Berntzen, Assistant to the Dean
Tel: (250) 762-5445 ext 4757

Please visit our University Studies in Science website, Computer Science website, Engineering Technologies website or Health & Social Development website for complete program information.


Trades & Apprenticeship
Construction 1

Deans & Directors

Steven Moores, Dean
Tel: (250) 862-5457
Fax: (250) 862-5469

Teresa Kisilevich
Tel:  (250) 762-5445 ext. 4393/5494
Fax: (250) 862-5469

Michelle Walker, Coordinator, Trades Support
Tel: (250) 762-5445 ext. 4346
Fax (250) 862-5469


Continuing Studies & Corporate Training
General Student

Deans & Directors

Dennis Silvestrone, Director
Tel: (250) 762-5445 ext 4523

Karen Hojnocki, Assistant to the Director
Tel: (250) 762-5445 ext 4532

Please visit our
Continuing Studies  for complete program information.


Learning and Applied Research


Deans & Directors

Dr. Beverlie Dietze, Director
Tel: (250) 762-5445 ext. 4528

Colette Martin, Executive Assistant
Tel: (250) 762-5445 ext. 4736