Who's on the Committee?

Okanagan College has named several individuals to a Task Force that will guide the development of a new Strategic Plan. The group is made up of a wide variety of volunteers from all employee groups, students, alumni and Board members from across the College region.

The Task Force includes a Chair, President Jim Hamilton, as well as a Vice Chair, South Okanagan Regional Dean Donna Lomas.

The Strategic Plan development process will be facilitated by project manager Kerry Rempel, who has been seconded from her teaching role in the Okanagan College School of Business.
“I am very pleased with the response we had from our College community when we invited people to put their name forward to help lead this important process for our institution,” said Hamilton. “The group of people who have been selected is a broad representation of the College. I look forward to working closely with them as we craft a new strategic plan.”

The members of the task force include:

    - Jim Hamilton, President of the College – (Chair of the Task Force)
    - Donna Lomas, Regional Dean South Okanagan (Vice Chair of the Task Force and Chair of the Master Capital Planning process)
    - Tom Styffe, Chair, Board of Governors
    - Michelle Nicholson, Chair, Education Council
    - Doug Manning, Board of Governors  
    - Laura Thurnheer, Board of Governors
    - Dan Chetner, Adult Academic and Career Preparation – BCGEU Vocational
    - Brad Clements, Arts and Foundational Programs – Okanagan College Faculty Association
    - Chelsea Grisch – Okanagan College Students’ Association
    - Gregory Fjetland, Advising – BCGEU Support
    - Anthony Isaac, Aboriginal Services
    - Kara Kazimer - Alumni
    - Mary Kline, Continuing Studies – Administrators Association
    - Ross McKerlich, Education Technology - Okanagan College Faculty Association non-instructional
    - Cam McRobb, Motor Vehicle Trades - BCGEU Vocational
    - Yvonne Moritz, Science, Technology and Health – Leadership Team
    - Dennis Silvestrone, Continuing Studies - Leadership Team
    - Christine Ulmer, Media Relations
    - Dawn Southern, Human Resources - Excluded Support Staff
    - Heather Stewart - Alumni
    - Tim Walters, English - Okanagan College Faculty Association
    - Inga Wheeler, Registrar’s Office - Administrators Association
    - Adam McCaffrey, Vernon Students’ Association Okanagan College


The Task Force will examine the most recent economic, social and cultural issues and trends that could affect post-secondary education in general and Okanagan College in particular over the next decade. They will ensure that the College’s revised strategic plan positions it to thrive in its changing environment.


While the Task Force will play a key role in shaping the Strategic Plan process and development, there will be many opportunities for employees and other stakeholder groups to become engaged in the process. Information about the process and outcomes will be shared frequently in College Matters.