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What is the Strategic Plan? 
Why are we doing this?

A strategic plan provides direction and guidance for an organization over three to five years. The direction provided by Okanagan College’s strategic plan forms the basis for operational plans such as the long-term education plan, unit-plans, and budgeting decisions. As we come to the end of the 2010 – 2015 strategic plan, it's time to revisit and renew our direction for the future.

Okanagan College’s new strategic plan will guide our institution to 2020 and help set the stage for future endeavors. The creation process will involve extensive consultation with our internal staff and students as well as the communities we serve. Led by a diverse and representative team of employees, students, and Board of Governors’ representatives, this plan will be developed collaboratively throughout the 2015 calendar year.

Where are we at?

Okanagan College has completed two stages on the road to finalization of the strategic plan. Phase three is scheduled to be completed mid-August.

The first phase of this process consisted of internal consultation sessions to determine where internal members of the organization envisioned Okanagan College to be in 2020. There were over 1000 employees, faculty, and students that participated in the first round of consultation sessions. The resulting feedback was recorded and common themes were identified. These themes informed both the second phase of strategic planning consultation, and provided some guidance to the team developing the Capital Master Plan, currently led by Penticton Regional Dean, Donna Lomas.

The second phase of the strategic plan examined the strengths and weaknesses of Okanagan College from the perspective of employees and the communities we serve. Participants were also asked to provide detailed feedback on the strategic opportunities and threats facing Okanagan College in the future. These consultation sessions gathered detailed information through a focused discussion of goals and priorities. There were over 80 external members and approximately 100 internal members that contributed to these proceedings. The data was later recorded to assist in the examination of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of Okanagan College    

Okanagan College is currently midway through phase three of the strategic plan. Consultation feedback from phase one and two are currently being prepared for the Steering Committee as they draft the strategic plan which is scheduled to be completed by mid-September.

A graphical representation of the strategic planning timeline is as follows:

PNG File


How Can I Get Involved?

There are many ways to get involved in the strategic plan. Phase IV is when the Steering Committee will validate the current direction of the strategic plan with the college's internal stakeholders. Other short-term voluntary opportunities exist as well.

Face-to-Face Sessions

Presentation and Discussion of Data – Round 3:

Dates, Times, and Locations:

Internal Sessions


Community and Room


September 21



September 22



September 23



September 24

Salmon Arm


September 25

 Kelowna TBD

Note: More details will be provided as dates are finalized


You can also email the Strategic Planning Process Project Manager (Kerry Rempel) at krempel@okanagan.bc.ca.