A. Legislation

A.1 College and Institute Act

A.2 Creation of Okanagan College

A.3 Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act

A.4 CASL - Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation and Okanagan College

B. Policy Development

B.1 Policy Development

B.1.1 Policy Approval Authority

Institutional Policy Development Process
Policy Template Board Policies (.doc)
Policy Template Education Council (.doc)

C. Governance

C.1 Organizational Goals and Plans

C.1.1 Strategic Plan 2016 to 2020

C.1.2 Education Plan

C.1.3 Capital Master Plan 2016 to 2035

C.2. Board Governance

C.2.1 Okanagan College Board Bylaws

C.2.2 Code of Conduct for Board Members

C.2.3  Committees

C.2.4 Employee Members of the Board Policy

C.2.5 President's Selection Policy (Revised May 2019)

C.2.6 Program and Services Standards Policy

C.3 Education Council Governance

D. Education/Academic

D.1 Student Education and Student Policies OC Calendar

D.2 Student Services, Support and Conduct

D.2.1 Student Non-Academic Conduct

D.2.2 Student Complaint Policy

D.2.3  Accessibility Academic Accommodation for Students

D.3 Research

D.3.1 Scholarly Integrity Policy

D.3.2 Scholarly Misconduct Policy

D.3.3 Research Ethics Board Policy

D.3.4 REB Member Roles and Responsibilities

D.3.5 Conflict of Interest in Research Policy 

D.3.6 Research Ethics Board Forms

D.4 General

D.4.1. Reference OC Calendar (D.1 Student Education and Student Policies )

D.4.1.1 Calendar - Crosslisting of Courses Policy 

D.4.1.2 Calendar - Inactive Course and Programs Policy

D.4.1.3 ABE Transfer Credit Policy

D.4.1.4 Transfer Credit Policy

D.4.1.5 General Certificate of Secondary Education A Level Courses Transfer Credit Policy

D.4.1.6 Academic Schedule Policy

E. Operations

E.1 Finance

E.1.1 Hospitality 

E.1.2 Investment Policy

E.1.3 Kilometre Reimbursement Policy (revised May 2019)

E.1.4 Operating Budget Contingency

E.1.5 Unrestricted Net Assets and Internally Restricted Net Assets

E.1.6 Use of Okanagan College Corporate Seal

E.1.7 Finance Auditor Policy

E.1.8 Financial Reports Policy

E.1.9 Finance - Banking and Borrowing Policy

E.1.10 Operational and Budget Plan Policy

E.1.11 Signing Authority Policy  

E.1.12 Tuition and Ancillary Fee Policy

E.1.13 Safe Disclosure Policy 

E.1.14 Risk Management Policy

E.1.15 Travel Policy and Procedures

E.2 Human Resources

E.2.1 Discrimination, Bullying and Harassment 

E.2.2 Violent and Threatening Behaviour

E.2.3 Protection of Privacy

E.2.4 Tuition Waiver for Employees Policy

E.2.5 Code of Ethical Practices Policy (for Employees)

E.2.6 Accommodation of Employees Policy

E.2.7 Telecommuting Policy - Emergency or Extraordinary Situations

E.2.8-E.2.15   Reserved for Human Resources Policies
          Policies / Agreements

E.2.16 Sexual Violence and Misconduct Policy REVISED June 2019

E.2.17 Emerita/Emeritus Status Policy

E.3 Facilities

E.3.1 Smoking

E.3.2 Alcohol Policy - Service and Consumption REVISED September 2018

E.3.3 Naming Policy - Buildings Facilities and Other Physical Assets 

E.3.4 Facility Rental Policy

E.3.5 Guide and Service Dog Policy

E.3.6 Cannabis Policy

E.4 Purchasing

E.5 College Systems and Resources

E.5.1 Use of Information Technology Resources 

E.5.2 Cellular Device Policy 

E.5.3 Library Collections Policy 

E.5.4 Internet Service at Home Policy

E.5.5 Copyright - Fair Dealing Policy

E.5.6 Social Media Policy
         Guidelines for Use of Social Media

E.6 Information Management

F. General

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