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The Jim Pattison Centre of Excellence Gymnasium & Fitness Centre

The Jim Pattison Centre of Excellence gymnasium and fitness center are open for students and staff who hold an access card. Purchase your pass at the administration office for $10.00 and bring your receipt to PC 146 for processing, or drop by if you have any questions!

    Hours of FitnessCentreandGym

Facilities Schedule May 2020

Training & Orientation

A personal trainer can design a program best suited to help you achieve your fitness goals. Personal programs costs $75 for students and $150 for staff and include three sessions. Or if you would prefer to learn to use the equipment in a group setting with no more than four people, consider booking an appointment for a weight room orientation. To book your personal training sessions or a group orientation, please contact Athletics, Recreation and Student Life office (PC 146) or call Jo Ann at 250-492-4305, ext. 3274. 

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