Kalamalka Speakers Series Archive

Fall 2011

Nov. 1 (Tue)- Kalamalka Speaker Series - "Re-visioning Justice" with Margaret Clark, Restorative Justice Coordinator for the North Okanagan Restorative Justice Program. Restorative justice is part of the extrajudicial measures which came about as a result of people searching for alternatives in dealing with young people in conflict with the law. The theme of Restorative Justice Week November 13-20 2011 is "Re-visioning Justice". This free event is open to all.
12:30pm to 1:30pm in the Vernon Campus Lecture Theatre.

Nov. 7 (Mon) - Kalamalka Speaker Series - "The Centennial of the BC Dragoons: one hundred years in the Okanagan and Overseas” with Howard Hisdal, History Department, Okanagan College. This is the history of the BC Dragoons from its cavalry days through the two world wars and the Okanagan Mountain Park Fire to Afghanistan and its centennial celebration in Kelowna in May 2011. The talk will include the stories of the two Victoria Cross winners associated with the regiment and Canada’s first peacekeeping fatality.
This free event is open to all.
12:30pm to 1:30pm in the Student Lounge on the Vernon Campus.

Nov. 15 (Tue) - Kalamalka Speaker Series – "Figurative Play - Why I paint what I paint ........ inspirations, techniques, tools and all" with Tina Aziz-Siddiqui, Artist and Art Educator will discuss her current exhibit hanging presently at the Kalamalka Vertigo Hallway Gallery. Venturing out from deserts of Asia, equiped with a Graphic Designing degree and a passion to explore landed me in Kelowna 7 years ago.  Tina has exhibited in group and solo shows in United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Pakistan and Dubai and received an award for portraiture and abstract paintings at the 2003 Open International Portrait Competition in Toronto.
This free event is open to all.
1:00pm to 2:00pm in the Vernon Campus Lecture Theatre.

Nov. 23 (Wed) - Kalamalka Speaker Series – "Contacting extra-terrestrials: the CSETI protocols...political activism for the 21st Century" with Deborah Warren Computer Science
, Personnel in the military/intelligence communities and the aerospace industry have disclosed their direct knowledge of human contact with extra-terrestrials. Political activism is needed to assure full disclosure for the purpose of transforming human civilization.Okanagan College. Deborah Warren moved to the Okanagan in 2002 and has taught Computer Science at Okanagan College since 2003. http://www.cseti.org/
This free event is open to all.
1:00pm-2:00pm in Classroom D333 on the Vernon Campus.

Nov. 29 (Tue) - Kalamalka Speaker Series - Permaculture: For Now and Forever with Gordon Hiebert, B.Comm, PDC.
Permaculture is more than organic gardening, it is a social movement aimed at creating truly sustainable human landscapes and dwellings with a regenerative approach. Discover how Permaculture Design is applied at a homescale to save people time, money and energy.Gordon Hiebert is a passionate speaker who applies his knowledge in forestry, energy efficient home building and resource management to Permaculture to educate and design a better future for individuals, communities and the environment.
This free event is open to all.
12:30pm to 1:30pm in the Vernon Campus Lecture Theatre.

Winter 2011

Feb 9 (Wed) ILLT Lunch and Learn Series. Okanagan College (Vernon Campus) presents “ Why Diversity Matters” with James Coble, Aboriginal Access & Services Coordinator, Okanagan College. Lecture Theatre 12:30-1:20pm The presentation is free and free parking in student parking lot during the event. 

Feb 10 (Thurs) Science in Society Speaker Series. 7:30 p.m. Vernon Lecture Theatre Dr. Joe Schwarcz, professor of chemistry and director of the McGill University’s Office for Science and Society, will be presenting a public lecture intended to demystify chemistry in a presentation entitled: " Have you wondered.... (or how the mysteries of the world can be explained by chemistry. " Admission is $10 in advance or $12 at the door. Please contact the Okanagan Science Centre www.okscience.ca or call (250) 545-3644 for tickets or information.

Feb 14 - (Mon) Kalamalka Speakers Lunch and Learn Series . " The British Columbia Dragoons: One hundred years of service to Canada. A local, part-time, military regiment sends soldiers off to serve in distant lands for two world wars and the present war in Afghanistan" with Howard Hisdal, History, Okanagan College. Okanagan College Lecture Theatre 12:30-1:20pm The presentation is free and free parking in student parking lot during the event. 


Feb 28 - (Mon) Kalamalka Speakers Lunch and Learn Series. "Social Potluck" with Gabriel Newman. The dinner table (or family/communal eating venue) is the most important performance venue in the world. A great meal in exchange for stories becomes fodder for Gabriel, who is working on his master’s thesis in performance art at UBC Okanagan, with Social Potluck as his thesis. Check out Gabriel's blogspo t. Kalamalka Lecture Theatre 12:30-1:20pm Okanagan College.
The presentation is free and free parking in student parking lot during the event.

Mar 2 (Wed) ILLT Lunch and Learn Series, Okanagan College (Vernon Campus) presents “ Personal Knowledge Management: Software Tools to Help You Cope with Information Overload” with Glen Coulthard, Business, Okanagan College , Kalamalka Lecture Theatre 12:30-1:20pm Okanagan College.
The presentation is free and free parking in student parking lot during the event. 

Mar 7 (Mon) Kalamalka Speakers Lunch and Learn Series presents “ How to Succeed or Fail in Afghanistan” with Wynn Polnicky. The western approach to the troubles in Afghanistan will be examined in terms of lessons from similar historical situations such as Vietnam, Northern Ireland and Malaya. Lieutenant-Commander (retired) Wynn Polnicky served as an operational analyst on the staff of the Canadian general commanding in Afghanistan in 2006 and 2007 and as such helped to evaluate what was possible to achieve and to develop a campaign plan for the Canadian military. Kalamalka Lecture Theatre 12:30-1:20pm Okanagan College.
The presentation is free and free parking in student parking lot during the event.

Mar 14 (Mon) ILLT Lunch and Learn Series , Okanagan College (Vernon Campus) presents “ Supporting International Students” with Jodi Kokonis and Donna McGrath, International Education, Okanagan College. Kalamalka Lecture Theatre 12:30-1:20pm Okanagan College.
The presentation is free and free parking in student parking lot during the event.

Mar 21 (Mon) Kalamalka Speakers Lunch and Learn Series presents " The Mind Matrix: New Light on Thought Energy" with Julie Larsen, a former teacher, group facilitator, and current host of the new Philosopher’s Café in Vernon. What do your thoughts have to do with your experiences? Take a single noon hour to discover the multi-faceted power of your thought life and how it affects not only your day to day experiences but your relationship world as well. Does your mind wander? Do you know exactly what you are thinking outside work or school? Each thought, word, and deed has its own level of energy that you may be transmuting into the unconscious creation of your experiences. Become aware of your conscious thought-energy so you can more readily change your old thought-patterns and thus put yourself in charge of the experiences you truly intend to manifest. Kalamalka Lecture Theatre 12:30-1:20pm.

Mar 28 (Mon) Kalamalka Speakers Lunch and Learn Series presents "Say YES to the opportunity! Volunteering with NGO Medical Mercy Canada in Nepal" with Susan Mann and Susan Wells volunteered for NGO Medical Mercy Canada in Nepal and travelled for 3 months throughout Nepal, Bhutan and India(they climbed to the Tiger's Nest in Bhutan and swam in the waves of the Arabian Sea in Southern India) - you don't come home the same person. The two Susans have served our Community for many years: Susan Mann as an RN in Public Health and Susan Wells as an Infant Development Consultant with NONA Child Development Centre. Come and enjoy photos and stories of this unique volunteer opportunity and the adventures they found en route. Kalamalka Lecture Theatre 12:30-1:20pm.

April 4 (Mon) Kalamalka Speakers Lunch and Learn Series. "T he War on Drugs and the Need for Reform” with David M. Kennedy. The failed drug war is costing us $320 billion worldwide per year. The effects are increased violence, cheaper and more available drugs, and warring cartels with thousands dying. We need to move towards legal regulation, and see drug use as a health problem, not a criminal problem. David M. Kennedy is a retired medical doctor, and also an accredited marriage and family therapist, who worked in India for 6 years, and practised in Vernon from 1971 until 1999. He did workshops at the Round Lake Native Alcohol and Drug centre for 12 years. Kalamalka Lecture Theatre 12:30-1:20pm Okanagan College.

Fall 2010

Oct. 4 - Kalamalka Speakers Series - Media wars in the Middle East with Johann Funk (retired College Sociology professor) Rajai Ghattas and Steven Heeren. Israel has a distinct advantage in conventional military and diplomatic terms given financial and political support from the US and Canada but is less effective in managing its media image. The panel will explore media as a weapon in the struggle for the legitimacy of the Israeli State and Palestinian nationhood. Rajai Ghattas, a Palestinian who left after the Six Day War, follows developments in the Middle East in the English and Arabic press. Steven Heeren, a retired Psychology professor with a special interest in the media, is the convener of the biweekly Vernon Palestine Study Group. Johann Funk, a retired Okanagan College sociology professor, has spent the last four winters in Palestine as a human rights observer.

Oct 18 - Kalamalka Speakers Series - How I spent my summer vacation with Ron Spence recently retired Business Professor from Okanagan College. Is there anyone out there who has NOT groaned, winced, gritted teeth yet still had to deal with this theme at least once in their life? When school returned in September, or at the first meeting of the Soccer / Hockey / Skiing / Rugby / Football Club we have all had to face a recounting of “what we did last summer.” This was the “Summer of 2010,” and Ron Spence knew he had no themes to write come September. Nevertheless, while on this summer’s adventures with his 1957 Travel trailer, “PeeDee,” he recorded, journalized, drew, observed and interacted on several “Summer Road Trips.” Come and hear this year’s TALES about Dragon Boating, Music Festivals, Scenery and Seniors’ Games. Classroom A204 12:30-1:20pm

Oct 25 - Kalamalka Speakers Series – Ecopsychology: A new way of relating to the earth, each other and ourselves with Moira McNairnay , a former OC student and now a Masters candidate at Prescott College in Arizona. graduate student in Integral Transformational Learning. The context of this talk will look at the Great Turning, or what Buddhist and Deep Ecologist Joanna Macy calls the third revolution in which we are called to make a shift towards a more sustainable existence. Macy suggests that the shift requires activism, a shift in our cultural values, and a shift in our perception of reality. This discussion will focus on Ecopsychology as a framework through which to explore this shift in perception. In the language of ecopsychology, what is needed is a shift towards an ecological self, an understanding of self that is both wider and deeper and acknowledges our interconnectedness with the earth and one another. Classroom A204 12:30-1:20pm

Nov 8 - Kalamalka Speakers Series - Canadian Generals commanding British troops: Command Difficulties in 1944 with Howard Hisdal , History, Okanagan College. Professor Hisdal’s research interests include military, religious, and ethnic history. Canadian generals did have British troops placed under their command during the Second World War in Northwest Europe in 1944. Howard Hisdal gave this talk in Ottawa with Canadian General Romeo Dallaire in the audience. Come to this presentation and find out what question General Dallaire asked Howard. Classroom A204 12:30-1:20pm

Nov 15 - Kalamalka Speakers Series - Restorative Justice with Margaret Clark, Restorative Justice Coordinator. Restorative Justice is part of the extrajudicial measures that were included in the Youth Criminal Justice Act in 2003 as a result of people searching for alternatives in dealing with young people in conflict with the law. Restorative Justice Week (Nov 15 - Nov22). Classroom A204 12:30-1:20pm

Nov. 29 – Kalamalka Speaker Series Eat your Greens! The Power of Outdoor Learning  with Dr. Veronica Gaylie. Join Gaylie for a discussion based on the experience of creating a Learning Garden in an interdisciplinary, higher education program. The talk will focus on the practical and pedagogical benefits of experiential learning at the college level, while touching on the many urgent – and global - reasons why a student-land connection is now needed at all levels of learning. Dr. Gaylie is a professor, poet and founder of The Learning Garden at The University of British Columbia. She is also the author of The Learning Garden : Ecology, Teaching and Transformation (Peter Lang, 2009). Classroom A204 12:30-1:20 p.m.

Winter 2010

Jan 11 (MON) “13,596 stories about travel, restaurants, football, grain elevators, elections, rednecks, church spires, puncture plants and interesting people” with Ron Spence, Business, Okanagan College.

Jan 18 (MON) "Family Farms: Update on the meat inspection regulation and its impact in this area” with Andrea Gunner. P Ag. Andrea Gunner is an Armstrong based professional agrologist and food systems activist. Andrea will give an update on the impacts of the Meat Inspection regulation on livestock farms in B.C. and an exploration of possible initiatives to ensure local food production in the future.

Jan 25 (MON) "The Ghosts Around Us: Military Training in the Vernon Area” with Howard Hisdal, History, Okanagan College. This talk will be a look at the military training that was conducted all around the present Kalamalka Campus site both before and during the great World Wars of the 20th century. You will see the landscape in a different way after the presentation. A safety briefing will be included. Professor Howard Hisdal (M.A., Carleton University) teaches at the Kelowna and Vernon Campuses. Professor Hisdal’s research interests include military, religious, and ethnic history. He is a captain in the Canadian Army Reserves, the former archivist of the Anglican Diocese of Kootenay, and is presently researching the Anglican response to Japanese internment in Canada during World War II. He has made two television shows for CHBC’s Pioneers and Places with Mike Roberts about the military in the Okanagan.

Feb 1 (MON) "Where there was not a creature to be found…now there are many: cleaning Fascieux Creek" with Angelika March, KLO Campus Creek Clean-up Crew Leader, Okanagan College. The City of Kelowna's Mayor's Environmental Achievement Award went this year to Angie March from the Regional Dean’s office for coordinating clean-ups in the Fascieux Creek area. Okanagan College has been an Adopt-a-Stream group since July 2007. In that time they have removed over 100 bags of garbage and 40 bags of noxious weeds and volunteered over 130 hours. Dedicated Okanagan College staff and students make all the difference.

Feb 8 (MON) “The way is made by walking…” with Wayne Emde and Jack Greenhalgh.
In the spring of last year, photographer and writer Wayne Emde and retired priest Jack Greenhalgh walked the 800 kilometer pilgrim path from St. Jean Pied de Port in France to Santiago de Compostela in Spain. In the five-week journey they walked through beautiful landscapes, visited ancient churches and cathedrals, met other pilgrims from around the world and searched for meanings on the ancient route.


Feb. 22 (MON) ILLT Lunch and Learn Series presents “A global perspective on post-secondary education and why what you do counts” with Jane Muskens, Interim Registrar of Okanagan College. Education has a far greater impact on our country, our lives and even our happiness. See how Canada compares with other countries and why your job is a part of a much bigger picture.

Mar 1 (MON) “Kandahar: A Province of Afghanistan” with Wynn Polnicky. The mission in Afghanistan is one that rightly attracts much attention within Canada, but little detailed examination. Canadian goals and the implementation of its strategy in Kandahar will be examined by a former military operational analyst based on his experience there in 2006/2007.

Mar 8 (MON)  The Institute Lunch and Learn welcomes  Glen Coulthard, Business Okanagan College who will present  " Social Media in Teaching and Learning".

Mar 15 (MON)   "Killing Kalamalka: How nutrient loading is threatening the future of Kalamalka Lake, Vernon's main domestic water source" with Randy Schellenberg. Schellenberg, spokesperson for the Citizens' Coalition to Save Silver Star Provincial Park, will take us on a "down to (Google) earth" virtual tour that explores sources of contamination of headwater streams in the community watersheds that have led to sobering discoveries further downstream, including findings on the west side of Kalamalka Lake.

Mar 22 (MON) “Sucking on lemons!" with Ben Coleman, Psychology,
Okanagan College .
When life delivers lemons, why will some people pucker-up while others will smile? Your ability to prosper and remain happy in life, even when sucking lemons, will depend on whether or not you have established these “essential” psychological strengths in your daily life.

Mar. 29 - ILLT Lunch and Learn Series presents " Tips and Techniques for Classroom Instruction "(Film) with Rob Kjarsgaard, Coordinator of Okanagan College's ILLT. Rob will lead a follow-up discussion of the film on teaching techniques and will present an update on the ILLT. 

Apr 12 (MON) The Institute Lunch and Learn welcomes James Coble, Aboriginal Access and Services Coordinator Kelowna Campus, whose presentation is titled "Diversity".  


Fall 2009   
Keeping the Arts Alive Series

Monday Oct 26 12:30pm Lecture Theatre
“Inukshuk: An icon of Inuit self-determination or Canadian multiculturalism?”
With Rachel Harris.
Rachel Harris is a recent graduate of the MA in Art History at York University and holds a BA in Fine Arts (Honours in Art History and minor in Classical Studies) from Bishop's University. A recipient of the SSHRC grant, Harris' master's research focuses on the inukshuk. This presentation addresses issues of Canadian identity representation with the upcoming Vancouver 2010 Olympics. The inukshuk has been appropriated from its source communities in the Arctic and from the Nunavut flag to function as an icon of Canadian multiculturalism on the 2010 logo. The talk will feature images of the many cultural appropriations of the inukshuk-variant and aims to promote discussion.

Monday Nov 2 12:30pm Lecture Theatre
"One Thing Leads to Another"
With Katie Brennan.
Katie Brennan is a recent graduate of the MFA from the University of Guelph and holds a BFA from Emily Carr University of Art and Design. Brennan will discuss "One Thing Leads to Another", a selection of work created between 2007 and 2009 “that demonstrates the progression of changes that occurred in [her] work during this time - from smaller non-referential paintings to larger canvases that began from found visual motifs…ideas morphed from one tangent to another and copious numbers of variations were explored.” Judith Jurica, Director of Kalamalka Vertigo, a joint venture between Gallery Vertigo and Kalamalka Campus, will introduce Brennan, a former Okanagan University College student and now a sessional instructor at UBCO.

Monday Nov 9 12:30pm Lecture Theatre
“Southwest Studies: The Grand Canyon, Ethics of Biodiversity & Literature"
With Okanagan College instructors Stephen Doyle (Geography), Tim Walters (English), and Rod Watkins (Philosophy).
Explore while you learn through the Southwest Studies Program. Hear stories and view slides of last year’s adventures as they explored extraordinary locations in Arizona including the Sonoran Desert, San Francisco Volcanic Field, Anasazi ruins, and one of the seven wonders of the world, the Grand Canyon. Southwest Studies integrates the disciplines of American Literature, Physical Geography of the US Southwest, and Environmental Ethics into this field-based program. Earn nine university credits (English 215, Geography 223 and Philosophy 251) May 2010.

Monday Nov 16 ` 12:30pm Lecture Theatre
“From the Hand to the Keyboard: Letterpress Tradition and Digital Technology in the Classroom”
With Okanagan College instructor Jason Dewinetz (English/Fine Arts & Publication Design).
Jason is a writer, publisher, graphic designer & typographer and is the founding editor, publisher & designer of Greenboathouse Press, a small press publishing hand-printed limited editions by writers from across Canada and which received its fourth consecutive Alcuin Award for Excellence in Book Design in Canada. …Over the past 2 years, Jason has gathered together 5 antique printing presses and has begun to set up a print shop on campus where students will be able to work with hand-set metal type, and to print pages just as they were printed hundreds of years ago. … This presentation will briefly describe the plans for the print shop, the kinds of equipment collected, and will also include short presentations by a number of students to introduce their experiences and research thus far . http://www.greenboathouse.com/dewinetz/

Monday Nov 23 12:30pm Lecture Theatre
“Stepping Into An Other World”
With Amanda-Leigh Nemeth, a student at Okanagan College taking the Diploma in Writing and Publishing and managing editor of Other:___ Magazine .
Amanda will be discussing Other:___ Magazine a student run magazine that publishes poetry, prose and visual arts. She will take you through the history of the magazine, including its metamorphosis from the Pinebeetle Review. Also discussed will be the steps the magazine takes, from gathering submissions to the publishing process. Other:___ has been a stepping stone for many new writers and artists trying to find their way in the world of publishing.

Monday Nov 30 12:30pm Lecture Theatre
”More Than Picnics, Parties and Balls: A Summer of Endurance Curating with the Woodn’t Bees”
With Molly Sigalet, curator and artist.
Molly will talk about alternative curatorial/artistic practices in an arts funding crisis Canada. Sigalet will frame this discussion around her own practices with her curatorial collective called the Woodn’t Bees. Sigalet's interests include feminist art activism, performance art and art that involves humour. For the past year, her research focus has been on artist Kate Craig and her collection of leopard print and pink clothing and accessories. As an artist, Sigalet is engaged with notions of assumed personae and a do-it-yourself aesthetic that informs her participation in her co-founded curatorial collective the Woodn’t Bees. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Art History from Carleton University and her Master of Arts in Art History from York University.

Monday Dec 7 12:30pm Lecture Theatre
Orchestra and Community: The Okanagan Symphony Orchestra
With Rosemary Thomson, Music Director and Conductor.
Ms. Thomas' presentation will be centered around the Okanagan Symphony and its role in the community as the 2009-2010 season celebrates its 50th Anniversary Season! 

Winter 2009

February 2
Monday 12:30 Kal Campus Lecture Theatre
“Nothing to Be Achieved - A Pilgrimage to the Buddhist Temples of Shikoku”  
Wayne Emde

In March of 2008, Wayne Emde and his son, Jason, set out together to walk the 1200 kilometer pilgrimage to the 88 Buddhist Temples of Shikoku. The pilgrimage is based loosely and strangely around the life and achievements of Kobo Daishi who brought Shingon Buddhism to Japan in 806. The majority of the more than 100,000 henro, or pilgrims, mostly Japanese, who complete the journey each year travel in groups on bus tours. Fewer than 1,000 walk.

Wayne Emde is a retired journalism/photography teacher who has recently been teaching digital photography on cruise ships in the Caribbean and Mediterranean. Jason Emde lives and teaches English in Japan. He is a graduate of the writing program at Okanagan College and the author of “My Hand’s Tired and My Heart Aches”, a collection of letters from Japan published by Kalamalka Press.

February 10
Tuesday 12:30 Classroom A204 Kal Campus
"The Little Energizer Spacecraft that could."
Richard Christie

“The Voyager spacecraft have been in space for over 31 years now and are still working very well. This talk will talk about the discoveries of these two spacecraft with special emphasis on the lesser know recent discoveries.”

“The Voyager spacecraft have been in space for over 31 years now and are still working very well. This talk will talk about the discoveries of these two spacecraft with special emphasis on the lesser know recent discoveries.”

February 23
Monday 12:30 Kal Campus Lecture Theatre
"Words that kill: the rhetoric of war in
Gaza . "
Johann Funk

Foucault suggests that human group behaviour is legitimized through public discourse. Both Hamas and Israel employ discourses to demonize the other to justify firing rockets and launching a full scale assault. These are discourses that kill in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. A casualty of the conflict is a consideration of non-violent alternatives to war. Johann Funk is a retired Sociology professor.

March 2
Monday 12:30 Kal Campus Lecture Theatre
"How are lasers used in making the car you drive?"
Dr. Vivian Merchant, Physicist; Writer; Communicator

The automotive industry is one of the largest users of Lasers, the Light Fantastic. Learn the latest in manufacturing technology, how lasers are used for cutting, welding, drilling, and labeling in the manufacture of vehicles.

March 9
Monday 12:30 Kal Campus Lecture Theatre
Happiness: The character traits & virtues of happiness"
Dr. Ben Coleman, Psychology Okanagan College

Mar 16
Monday 12:30 Kal Campus Lecture Theatre
"Happiness: How to develop these virtues/traits in order to improve/maintain genuine happiness."
Dr. Ben Coleman, Psychology Okanagan College

March 23
Monday 12:30 Kal Campus Lecture Theatre
"Noticing Synchronicity: Mindfulness Beyond “Mere” Coincidence. "
Dr. Ralph Maddess, Psychology Okanagan College

The Swiss Psychiatrist C.G. Jung coined the term 'synchronicity' in seeking to explain the modus operundi of the I Ching which is often roughly translated as meaningful coincidences . Through noticing these synchronicities in our daily life, one glimpses, sees, then knows the interconnectedness of our inner and outer 'worlds' of experience, linking subject-object, self-other and inner-outer. I have explored this phenomenon for years and am currently in the process of putting into written form personal experiences of significant synchronicities. Noticing, i.e. 'taking note' of such events is a key to making these connections and realizations in your own life.

March 30
Monday 12:30 Kal Campus Lecture Theatre
"Peru: A 15,000 Foot
Vertical Drop "
Madelaine Befus ABT Okanagan College

See Peru through the camera lens of two Canadian trekkers. Like the intricate tapestries Peru is famous for, this is a land of intriguing contrasts: wealth and poverty; ice-clad mountains, dry coastal deserts, and flourishing jungles; ancient cultures and optimistic future. Enjoy a pictographic trek from Lima to the ancient Inca capital of Cusco; then from the 15,000 foot Salkantay pass to the valleys chasing the glacier melt to the hot springs of Agua Caliente. Explore the fascinating, deserted Inca city of Machu Picchu; then hop a train for a trip through the mountains. Flee the dry highlands of Cusco to the lush jungles of the Tambopata Nature Reserve in the Amazon basin.

Madelaine Befus is the chair and an instructor for Office Administration department programs at Okanagan College. The trip to Peru with her son Ben fulfilled a long-standing goal to share a once-in-a-lifetime trip. In the past couple of decades, Madelaine has traveled with and without students to China, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Europe, Mexico, across Canada & the western United States.

April 6
Monday 12:30 Kal Campus Lecture Theatre
Boots on the Ground: Whose Boots and Are They Necessary and Sufficient in Afghanistan ?"
Wynn Polnicky - Former operational analyst with the Canadian military in Kandahar

Wynn Polnicky will use comparative analysis to assess the potential for the establishment of order in Kandahar province and examine some of the interconnections between the application of military force, security, endemic corruption in a destabilized society, anti-drug practices, and how sensitivity to cultural differences can be useful.