Local Interest Collection Policy

Date: April 11, 2018

Purpose: To provide guidelines for the use of the Local Interest Collection, located in the Kelowna Campus Library (L200).

Applicable to: Okanagan College students, staff, and faculty, and community members.

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Policy Statements

It is preferred that users make an appointment by email to access the Local Interest Collection. Walk-in users are welcome, but they may be turned away if a conflicting appointment has already been made or for other reasons at the discretion of library staff.

For the first visit, users will sign-in at the Circulation Desk by completing the “Local Interest Collection Use Form”, and by filling in a the Patron Visit Chart on the back of the form on the first and subsequent visits. This information will be kept on the same records retention schedule as laptop agreements. Anonymous user information will be stored in a spreadsheet for usage statistics.

Large bags and coats will be stored in a secure area to keep items safe and to ensure that items are not removed from the Collection.

Items in the Local Interest Collection are non-circulating and are not to leave the room without permission of authorized library staff.

No food or drink permitted in the Local Interest Collection room.

No pens are to be used in the Local Interest Collection room. Pencils and scrap paper are provided, and users can bring their own pencils, laptop computers, and/or cell phones.

Users may take photos of items, provided no flash is used and the photos comply with copyright and any other applicable laws. Users are not permitted to scan items from the collection. Upon request, library staff will scan items on a case-by-case basis.

Users are welcome to browse the Local Interest Collection. Items removed from shelves should be left for staff to re-shelve.

Development responsibility: OC Library Management Committee
Approval responsibility: Library Management Committee
Version history: LMC approval April 4, 2018