The Kelowna Learning Centre offers a focused and engaging learning environment, and Learning Coordinators are on site to offer students academic support while achieving their educational goals. Whether students need a quiet study space, a one-on-one or small group learning session, or answers to general questions about academic life, The Learning Centre is here to make students' transitions into post-secondary life a little easier.  Contact us for more info!


Learning Assistance

  • Learning assistance in Math, Science, English, ESL, and Business
  • Assistance with study and learning strategies
  • Workshops on writing and study skills
  • Positive learning environment for both independent and group study
  • Student computer stations and printing
  • Online and printed study materials
  • Referrals to other student services

Location & Hours

The Learning Centre is located in the Library across from the circulation desk, Room L204 and learning assistance is available Monday to Friday, 8:00-4:00.  To book a writing or ESL appointment, binders are located at the front desk.

The Trades Success Centre is in the new Trades Complex, in room T118.  It is open Monday-Thursday 9:00-5:00, and Friday 8:00-4:00.  For more info on Trades Success Centre, click here.

 Kelowna Learning Centre
 The Learning Centre is available as a study area during regular library hours.

Supplemental Learning (SL)

Supplemental Learning is now being offered in specific historically-difficult first year courses. These are typically courses with an above average number of failing or withdrawing students.

What is Supplemental Learning?

Under the SL model, an SL leader is placed in your class to listen to the lectures. This leader is a student who has recently completed the course and has been recommended by faculty. Then at each SL session, the leader guides fellow students through the material covered in lecture with practice problems and other opportunities. The SL sessions supplement the lectures by giving students the opportunity to work collaboratively in small groups with the material, answer questions, and learn challenging class concepts.

Proficiency Testing

Proficiency tests are administered through the Testing Center.  Practice tests are available here:

Learning Centre Coordinators

Who are we? Here are our hours and contact information:

Subject Coordinator Contact
Math & Science

Kate Sidlar T, Th, F: 8:00-4:00
M, W: 8:00-1:30 and 5:00-6:30
250-762-5445 ext. 4427
Math & Science
Alex Hanna M-F 8:00 - 4:00
250-762-4554 ext. 4946
English & Writing

Dyani Simon M-F 8:00 - 4:00
250-762-5445 ext. 4694
EAL & International

 Lynn Sinclair M-F 8:00 - 4:00
 250-762-5445 ext. 4928

Elke Pritchard   M-Th 9:00 - 5:00
                             F 8:00 - 4:00
**in Trades Success Centre T118
250-762-5445 ext. 4677

Email Contact

We look forward to meeting you!