Thank You Matters

Thank You Matters

Since the Okanagan College Foundation was established in 2000, donors have been helping students throughout the Okanagan and Shuswap regions achieve their educational dreams.

Our donors play a vital role. And these relationships have supported Okanagan College in being the vibrant and innovative post-secondary institution it is today.

If you are lucky enough to receive an Award, we ask that you acknowledge the generosity of the donor(s) by writing a thank you letter. You can provide the donor with an insight of how their donation has made an impact for you, also learning more about your aspirations, activities and future plans. If you are a recipient of multiple awards, please write a letter for each donor contact (these details will be provided in your confirmation of award).

To help students we have prepared a  Thank You Letter Template (Word Document), this is meant as a guide to help you compose your letter, but your letter does not have to follow this format.

If you are attending an award presentation, please bring your letter of thanks with you.