Student Loans - Repayment Information

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Interest starts to accrue immediately after you leave school, and repayment starts 6 months after you leave school.
As the repayment date nears, the student loans service provider will mail you forms to complete; sign and return them. The forms will tell you how much you have borrowed, how much your monthly payments will be, and when your first payment is due.

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If a province other than BC issued your student loans, to check repayment information for your province, Click Here for more information.

If StudentAid BC issued your student loans, you will make payments to the following student loans service provider:

National Student Loans Service Centre
P.O. Box 4030
Mississauga, Ontario L5A 4M4

Phone: 1-888-815-4514
Fax: 1-888-815-4657 or 1-866-656-5639
Web: National Student Loans Service Centre

If you moved, or changed your contact information, correspondence may have been sent to your old address. Don’t wait to be contacted; call them. You should always inform your student loan service provider of any changes to your address and contact information.

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Click here, for information about loan repayment, managing student loan debt, interest rates and more.

Check out the debt management tools posted on the student loans service provider's website. Call them to discuss your situation or to inquire about reduced payments.

Click here for more information about how you may be able to access repayment assistance, you must apply for repayment assistance even if your income is below $25,000 or make payments, if you do not you may be considered in default.

To access the loan repayment calculator tool provided by Canlearn,  Click here

Student loans issued in BC between August 1995 and August 2000, were cashed at one of the three following banks. Contact the student loan center of the bank you used to cash your student loan, for repayment options.

CIBC National Student Loan Center
P.O. Box 5055
Burlington, ON L7R 4P3
Phone: 1-800-563-2422
Fax: 1-800-443-3243

RBC Royal Bank Student Loan Center
P.O. Box 4700, Stn. D
Etobicoke, Ontario M9A 4X5
Phone: 1-800-363-3822
Fax: 1-888-348-8283

Scotia Bank – Government Student Loan Administration Center
P.O. Box 9, Station U
Etobicoke, Ontario M8Z 5M4
Phone: 1-888-284-3044
Fax: 1-888-821-5510

Still have questions? Contact Financial Aid & Awards
Email: Tel. 1-800-767-5492 (Toll Free)