Wellness Resources

Take Control of Your Phone.
Learn some tips to live intentionally with your technology and devices at: www.humanetech.com/take-control/ 
Disconnect from tech: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aNbeK1rovJw

Strive for a Good Nights sleep.
Here are some handouts to help you develop healthier sleep habits: 
The Ultimate Guide to Sleeping Better on a College Campus
Sleep Diary

Learn To Ground Yourself.
Simple Ways to Get Present
Grounding techniques


be here now

Guided Mindfulness Apps & Websites

Mindshift is a free app that you can use to learn about  anxiety, assess your anxiety, plan strategies
for dealing with it, and help yourself relax.

thinkFULL is a free app that helps you manage your stress to enrich your life. Powered by a rich library of life tips to help you relieve stress, solve problems and live well.

Calm is an app (free & paid subscription) for meditation and mindfulness. Enjoy 100+ guided meditations to help you manage anxiety, lower stress and sleep better.

Insight Timer is a free app that is home to over 5,500,000 meditators.

Buddhify is an app (for purchase) where you'll find guided meditations for walking, stress & difficult emotion, work break, going to sleep, waking up and many other different categories

SFU Health and Counselling (website) guided exercises - has links to audio and video recordings to guide you through mindfulness and relaxation exercises.

Self-compassion has guided meditations, handouts and other information. This is an all-in-one resource for self-compassion.

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Guided Mindfulness Resources

Yoga for everybody - Kelowna Campus - Tuesdays & Thursdays from 12:00-12:50 pm. Free for students / $10 for staff (email yoga@okanagan.bc.ca for more information)

Drop in mindful meditation - Kelowna Campus - FREE for students and staff. Classes led by Brett Wade, PhD (bwade@okanagan.bc.ca). Fridays 12:15-12:45pm. 

Flourish - Penticton Campus - Flourish is a drop-in safe space, free of charge to all OC students, where we explore various themes related to stress management and mental wellness. Click the link for more details. 
*We offer wellness Wednesday workshops and Flourish with yoga classes on Thursdays.

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