Student Success

We assist students with:

  • general study skills
  • learning styles
  • time management
  • note-taking
  • reading from texts
  • exam preparation and writing
  • stress management and other aspects of academic success.

This assistance is available through:

  • groups & workshops
  • in-class sessions (To find out if an in-class session is possible in your course or program, please talk to your course instructor).
  • individual appointments
Time Management Worksheets: 
Weekly Schedule 
Semester at a Glance Winter 2019
To Do List 

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Find a study buddy.  For more tips on organizing effective study groups:

Learning Styles:
We all learn differently.  Find out your preferred way to learn and strategies you can use to improve your learning experience.

Learning Styles Inventory

The Complete Guide to Effective Studying to external site/

How to Study provides free links to valuable sites on the Internet related to the subject of studying. has been developed by former students who, just like many students now, had a tough time adjusting from high school to university or college.

Watch some short helpful videos on:


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For useful handouts and student success tools please visit Derrick's student success web page

Please also visit The Learning Centre website for addition resources on Student Success.