Co-operative Education – Education that works




      Co-operative Education is paid work in the field the student is studying.

      Students alternate academic terms with relevant, paid full-time work experience.

      This is very beneficial for all students and especially for International students,
              so they can gain Canadian work experience.


      Business Diploma and Degree.

      Computer Information Systems Diploma and Degree.

      Mechanical, Civil, Water, Electronic, and Network.

      Animation Diploma.

      Programs with Mandatory Co-op work terms are:
              Culinary Arts Certificate and Viticulture Technician Diploma.


    One successful term at OC must be completed with the following averages required:

      BCIS and CIS    65%

      Bus Diploma    60%

      Bus Degree    67%

      Engineering Tech Diplomas  60%

      Animation Diploma  60%


      We are in the Student Services Building. A 104


      The jobs are located all over BC and Alberta.
               Many of our jobs are posted for the Okanagan Valley.

      Wages range from minimum of $ 12.65 up to $30 per hour
              depending on the company you are working for, the industry and location.
              Common range is $ 15-20 per hour.


      One time application fee of $93.25 
              • Billed to your student account shortly after applying.

      $310.83 (per work-term, 12-16 weeks of full-time paid employment).

      No fee to apply for a Co-op work permit.


      Apply for Co-op during your 1st academic term.

      $310.83 (per work-term, 12-16 weeks of full-time paid employment).

      Our office will check your grades at the end of the term and if your GPA
              meets the requirements, then we start the process so you can
              apply for a Co-op work permit. It can take up to 3 months
              to get a Co-op work permit from the Canadian Government.


      Work terms are available:
              • January – April,
              • May – August,
              • and September – December.


      Once you have applied and been approved for Co-op,
              you will be given the username and password
              to apply for positions that are on our website.

      We help you with your resume, cover letter and interview prep.