Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

  1. How do I get my Okanagan College photo ID?
    • Students may order a photo ID any time throughout the year. To get a photo ID a government issued photo ID and proof of registration are required:
      1. Upload your own picture to myOkanagan by going to My Okanagan --> Student Tab --> Online Services.
      2. Get your photo taken at the Okanagan College Campus Stores during set store hours.
      3. At the beginning of the semester, there will be additional options. Check the Okanagan College Campus Store Facebook page for details.
    • Your photo ID will be ready to be picked up at your campus library in 2-3 business days.
  2. I am a student / faculty /staff member. Do I get a discount?
    • We do not do additional discounts for students or faculty. We work hard to offer the best possible price on the shelf.
  3. Do you offer custom orders for conferences, clubs, events, or departments?
  4. What if I can't make it to the store during regular store hours?
    • If you are unable to visit the store during business hours, we are happy to take your order over phone or email. You can pick up your order in the office or library, at your convenience. Contact Us for more details.
  5. What forms of payment do you accept?
    • We accept debit, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, cheques, gift certificates, and cash.  
  6. When is the next Textbook Buyback Date?
    • Buyback is typically held three times every year: end of August/first week of September, early January, and mid to late April. We post upcoming dates on our website and social media pages, please follow our facebook or instagram to stay up-to-date on all upcoming OC Store events.  

Textbook FAQ

  1. How do I find which textbooks I need for my courses?
    • You can find textbook listings through:
      • The textbook course list in the Okanagan College Campus Stores.
      • The Digital Materials by Course list.
      • The course outline provided by your professor, most likely on Moodle.
  2. Where can I pick up Distance Education materials?
    • Distance Education students can find their pre-paid Distance Education materials at a designated pick-up location at each campus. Please inquire at the registration office or your Campus Store for the correct location on your campus.
  3. Why are textbooks so expensive?
    • The Okanagan College Campus Store has little control over textbook prices, but works to set prices as low as possible. We understand students concerns, but there is a complex process behind publishing textbooks, including:
      • Creating textbooks is costly for publishers, which requires writing, peer review, and editing.
      • Small print runs and frequent new editions to stay relevant mean textbooks prices do not benefit from economies of scale.
      • High freight costs are often incurred from the distance and weight of transporting texts.
      • There are only five major publishers in the Canadian textbook market, meaning fewer low cost options.
  4. When should I buy my course materials?
    • To avoid line-ups, the best time to purchase course materials is a week or two before class starts. You can also order materials online for pick-up in the library or your local Campus Store.
  5. Can I purchase my course materials ahead of time?
    • Yes, simply contact us over phone or email to place an order. You can pick up your order in the library or store, at your convenience.
  6. How do I purchase digital course materials, like e-books or access codes?
    • Many course materials are available in digital format. Check to see if the textbook you need is listed by course or is available on VitalSource or our Access Codes page.
  7. Can I return my course materials for a refund?
    • Yes, you may return course materials with a receipt, if the item remains in the same condition in which it was purchased. Depending on time of year:
      • Purchased before at beginning of semester: Return for refund before the third Friday after start of classes.
      • Other: Within seven days after purchase.
  8. What are the differences between new and used textbooks?
    • New textbooks are always available, as they have come directly from publishers.
    • Used textbooks from the Book Buyback Program are not always available, as they are in high demand and sell out quickly. They may be gently worn but cost 25% less than news ones.
    • You can find used textbooks in the same location as the new version of the textbook. Look for the "USED" sticker on the side of the textbook.
  9. How do I sell my textbooks in the Book Buyback Program?
    • You may sell your textbooks at the Campus Stores at specific times throughout the year. Books with missing pages, damaged covers, etc will not be accepted. Not all editions of books are eligible for the program.
  10. What if I don't see the book that I'm looking for or it’s out of stock?
    • We are happy to help you find the books you need. Please contact us.
  11. Why should I buy my textbooks at the Okanagan College Campus Stores?
    • Money spent at the Campus Stores stays within the college community, being put toward funding a variety of student services. We appreciate your support!