Transitioning into Post-Secondary Education

Transitioning into Post-Secondary Education

It is important for students and parents to be aware of the difference between high school and post-secondary environments. 

Students often find the transition into the post-secondary environment challenging.  Students with disabilities face these challenges along with the barriers related to their disability.  Meeting with an Accessibility Services Coordinator,3 months prior to the start of classes, provides the opportunity to address some issues that may arise for students with disabilities who are transitioning to Okanagan College.




High school is a right and usually free

College is a choice with a cost attached to it

Time is structured by school and parents

Students manage their own time

Teachers will remind students of their responsibilities and help them set up priorities

Students are responsible for balancing their priorities and responsibilities

Days have a structured schedule

Days may be more open with gaps between classes

School arranges schedule

Student may be responsible for arranging their own schedule

Students are told about graduation requirements

Student is expected to know their programs graduation requirements and is responsible for making sure they meet the requirements

Students are usually told what they need to learn from assigned readings

Student is responsible for reading and understanding course material and assigned readings; it is presumed that the student will have done so for the next lecture

Teacher will check if homework is complete and remind them if they have not completed something

Instructors may not check for completion of homework but expect the student understands that material.

Teacher will approach students that they think may need assistance

Instructors are willing to help students but may expect the student to initiate contact if they are struggling.

Teachers often present material to help students understand the textbook

Instructors may not follow a textbook and may use other materials in addition to a textbook.