Documentation Requirements

Documentation Requirements

Students who are interested in receiving academic accommodations through Accessibility Services should make contact and provide documentation.  The documentation must be completed by a qualified professional who has training or expertise in the specific disability for which the accommodations are being requested. 

During the process of acquiring reasonable accommodations, students may be asked to provide additional documentation.

 Depending on the disability, acceptable documentation should:

  • Be current
  • Outline the nature and extent of the disability.
  • Explain how the disability impacts the student in an educational environment.
  • Outline the functional capacity in an academic setting
  • Provide recommendations for support that mitigate the impact of the disability in an educational setting.

When a service dog is required the student may be required to show evidence of BC certification for the dog.  The student will also be required to provide medical documentation to support the need for a service dog.

For assistance on how to obtain documentation please contact your Accessibility Services Coordinator.