Apply to Okanagan College

apply #1Choose a program:
Check out program information and decide which program and campus         interests you.  To check the program requirements, admissions, and minimum grades needed visit

apply #2
Contact an Aboriginal Transition Planner:
Our dedicated team is here to help you plan out your application, review,admission requirements, and provide guidance on available funding.  They can also help you explore your options if you are unsure of what program to pursue.  If you have detailed program questions, transfer credits or laddering to another program,please see our Advising page to contact an OC education advisor.

apply #3
Explore available funding:
Talk with band Education Coordinators, College financial aid staff and Aboriginal Transition Planners, Metis Associations or employment counsellors about funding options.

apply #4Submit an application:
Apply online at  Paper applications are also accepted.  There is a $30 non-refundable application fee.  The Aboriginal Transition Planners can provide assistance with the application process. 

Apply #5  Track your application:
Once you apply, you will receive a student number and login information for myOkanagan where you can see the status of your application and check on required documents.  The College will email you about your application status. 

To apply to Okanagan College please go to the Apply to Okanagan College  webpage. Check to see that you meet the Admission Requirements for your program of choice by referring to the Okanagan College online calendar. If you're unsure whether you meet the requirements or require further guidance, consult with an academic advisor if necessary.

The following are a few things to consider when applying:

  • On November 1 of each year Okanagan College begins accepting applications for academic programs for the following Fall and Winter Programs.
  • The grade and percentages listed in the Admission Requirements are the minimum grades required to enter a program.
  • Okanagan College may cease to accept applications for a given intake if the number of applications submitted greatly exceeds enrolment capacity. Early application for all programs is strongly advised.

Aboriginal Admissions Policy 

The College is committed to enhancing the participation rate of Aboriginal peoples in postsecondary education to a level which is representative of the Aboriginal population of the region served by the College. It will strive to increase and maintain its Aboriginal student population to a level reflective of this ratio. The College, in collaboration with faculties and departments, will annually set aside a predetermined number of places specifically for Aboriginal students, the number being commensurate with student interest, available teaching and learning support resources. While the number may vary from program to program, it will not normally exceed six percent of the intake capacity for any given program in a particular year.

Pursuant to College policy, qualified Aboriginal applicants will have access to the predetermined number of reserved places specific to each program during the period from November, (first allowable application submission date) to March 15 (or the last day applications are being accepted) each year for programs commencing the immediate following September and up to eight weeks before commencement of classes for multiple intake programs. Any remaining, unused reserved space will revert to the general application pool.

Qualified Aboriginal students who apply beyond the time limit or who apply within the time limit but after the predetermined number of reserved seats for a given program have been filled, will be admitted in accordance with the general admission policies of the College, subject to the availability of space.

An Aboriginal applicant is a person of Native ancestry who is one of the aboriginal peoples of Canada defined by the Constitution Act of 1982 to include the Indian, Inuit and Metis peoples of Canada.

Please note that the above policy has been copied from the Okanagan College calendar for the purposes of convenience and is not official. Only the online calendar can provide official admission information.

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