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It looks like you're interested in taking part in the Academy of Indigenous Scholars first year experience program. To be contacted by an Aboriginal Services staff member, please complete and submit1 the form below. Space is limited so please submit this form early. Once submitted, you will be contacted shortly.  

As long as you've been offered admission2 to one of our University Level Programs3 and to the best of your knowledge this will be your first time enrolling in one of these programs, you could very well be eligible to take part. However, even if you're not sure if you're eligible, submit your contact information anyway and an Aboriginal Services staff member will give you a call to discuss your eligibility. All inquiries are welcome.

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Have you received an offer of admission from Okanagan College?
Which campus will you be attending?

Thank you for taking the time to submit this form.

1By submitting this form you are not obligated to take part the Academy of Indigenous Scholars Program nor are you being formally offered a place in the Academy of Indigenous Scholars Program. By submitting this form you are simply consenting to be contacted by one of our Aboriginal Access & Services Staff to recieve more informaiton about the program.

2Conditional or Unconditional

3Eligible programs include: Associate of Arts, General Studies Diploma, Criminal and Social Justice Diploma, Environmental Studies Diploma, International Development Diploma, Journalism Studies Diploma, Media and Cultural Studies Diploma, Writing and Publishing Diploma, Advanced Certificate in Communication, Concentration in Communication, Associate of Science, Analytical Chemistry Technology Diploma, Human Kinetics Diploma, Applied Ecology and Conservation Diploma, Applied Science, Bachelor of Science in Wood Products Processing (UBC Transfer Program), Honours Bachelor of Science - Oenology and Viticulture (Brock University Transfer Program), Bachelor of Computer Information Systems, Computer Information Systems Diploma, Bachelor of Business Administration, Business Administration Diploma, Business Studies Certificate, Business Administration Certificate.