Aboriginal Support Services

Aboriginal CentreAboriginal Services supports Aboriginal learners interested in applying to and studying at Okanagan College. We are an integral component of the Student Services Department.

As a part of Okanagan College’s commitment to enhancing the participation of Aboriginal learners, the College provides Aboriginal support services at each of the four campuses. 

We strive to enhance your educational experience here by providing you with culturally relevant support including: 

  • Visiting Elders
  • Cultural and Academic workshops 
  • Aboriginal Services Team 
  • Aboriginal peer mentors 
  • Aboriginal student centres 
  • Aboriginal scholarships/bursary/awards information
  • Assistance with Band funding applications
  • Providing personalized daily supports 
  • Computer access

Whether you need a place to study, relax, use a computer, or would like to inquire about other support services you can always visit any of the Aboriginal Student Centres. Our Aboriginal Services Team is always happy to to provide support and listen.