How Graduation Works

Students are classified into various programs of study, and the program you are in determines your graduation process.

For all students, your student record will be carefully reviewed to ensure that you have met all your program requirements. If you have questions about your graduation, the first place to start is to login to your myOkanagan account, navigate to student records and compare your transcript to the requirements for your program listed in the Okanagan College Calendar.


There are several rules that govern graduation. In general, you must meet all program requirements spelled out in the calendar, including:

  • Program requirements listed on your program page in the calendar
  • Minimum Graduating Grade Point Average requirements listed in the Calendar (#9) and on your program page (note: the Culinary Management diploma sets a higher standard for the Culinary Arts Certificate portion - 80%)
  • Residency rules listed in the calendar (5a). Residency is the number of courses you take at Okanagan College. Please note that courses taken on a recognized exchange program while an Okanagan College student count towards residency at Okanagan College
  • Minimum credit counts as listed in the calendar program page. All programs require a certain number of credits to graduate

Generally speaking, your record is reviewed against the calendar entry for the year you entered the program UNLESS your program changed and you began taking courses under the new calendar entry. It may become necessary to hybridize two calendar entries to meet program requirements. In these instances, you can contact for clarification and to answer any questions you may have about your final graduation audit. If you are in the process of planning your coursework and not yet ready to graduate, you should speak with an academic advisor.

The buttons below will take you to a page that explains the graduation process based on your program of study. If you have questions, start by reviewing your student record and the calendar first so that you are ready to talk about your program. Ensure you have submitted an application for graduation unless you are in Trades or Continuing Studies. The graduation office contact is