myOkanagan - Waitlists

How-to Join a Waitlist                              How-to Register for a Waitlisted Course
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Become a Student  If you are waitlisted for a course, it will be indicated in your myOkanagan registration status as "wait list". 
Become a Student  If a seat becomes available for you, the indicator will change from "wait list" to "wait seat available" - the seat is being held for you for 48 hours. 
Become a Student  Check out the videos above for step-by-step instructions on how to waitlist.  
Become a Student  To accept the waitlist seat being held for you, you will have to DROP the class first and then ADD it again. This may sound scary and confusing but the system does remember that the seat is being held for you.
Become a Student  No one else can jump in and take your seat even though you drop the class. You will keep the top spot amongst all students that are on the waitlist for that course. 
Become a Student  Remember to check your myOkanagan registrations often - we recommend at least once a day - during the waitlist period just before and during the first few days of the semester.
Become a Student  We are sorry that we will not be able to answer questions about your position on a waitlist during the above periods. If you have technical difficulties, you may wish to call IT Services at your campus.