CRM Guidelines

Who can request to have an email sent out?
Any staff member can request to have an email sent out by filling out a CRM Request in their myOkanagan account.
How soon should I submit my request?
The sooner the better. We need at least two weeks to prepare and schedule emails.
What type of email messages are suitable?
All emails must be student focused and cannot be considered spam.
Examples of acceptable CRM messages:
Registration time tickets, student loan holds, intent to re-enrol, apply to graduate, Career Fair, Orientation, etc.
We will not send out emails about student BBQs or other small events. 
What does "one time" and "recurring" mean?
One time means that the email will be sent out once on a specified date. Recurring means that the email will be sent out on a set schedule (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) to new students matching the criteria after the initial date sent out. The email will not be sent out to the same person twice on a recurring schedule.
Who can I send an email to?
Recipients need to be prospects, applicants, students or alumni in Banner. We can’t send emails to employees, companies, etc. Example 1: Arts, Science & Business students registered in fall 2014, excluding visiting and exchange students.
Example 2: Academic and vocational cancelled applicants for fall 2014 or winter 2015 to Vernon campus, and not currently offered or admitted into anything else at any campus.
Example 3: Anyone registered in CRN 30431 or 30432 for fall 2014.
What address will the email be sent to?
All CRM emails are sent to the student's personal (primary) email address. If a student does not have a personal email address, it will be sent to their myokanagan email.
What happens if someone replies to an email?
We check for email replies daily and will forward replies to the appropriate department.
Can I include an attachment?
No. The CRM system does not allow attachments. We can link to a webpage or PDF, or insert an image into the body of the email.