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Academic Standards

  1. A student in a baccalaureate degree, associate degree, or two-year diploma program who achieves a semester grade average less than 55 percent is placed on Academic Probation.
  2. A student must achieve a minimum graduating grade average of 60 percent to be eligible for graduation in an academic, developmental certificate or continuing studies program leading toward a certificate, diploma, associate degree or baccalaureate degree.
  3. The minimum passing grade in a vocational or trades course is 70 percent.
  4. A minimum grade average of 70 percent is required for graduation in a vocational or trade program.
  5. A student graduating among the top 15 percent of a given baccalaureate degree, associate degree, diploma program or among the top 15 percent of a vocational, trades or foundation certificate program shall have the designation "With Distinction" applied, provided that the student has achieved a graduating grade average of at least 80 percent.

Column C

Notations in column C indicate the primary campus of in-person study: K - Kelowna, P - Penticton, S - Salmon Arm, and V - Vernon. Distance education courses are labeled with a D. Prior learning assessment courses are labeled with an X.

Repeated Courses

Repeated courses are labeled in the column headed with the letter R. The letters A or E in column R indicate courses that are not counted towards program completion, while a blank or the letter I indicate courses that are counted towards program completion.

Weighted Grade Average

The course points are determined by multiplying the course credit value by the percent grade. The sum of the course points divided by the sum of course credits produces a grade average between 0 percent and 100 percent, inclusive.

Grades Included in Grade Point Average

Okanagan College Percent Grade

Letter Grade


90 - 100


First Class

85 - 89


80 - 84


76 - 79


Second Class

72 - 75


68 - 71


64 - 67



60 - 63


55 - 59


Marginal Pass

50 - 54


0 - 49



Grades Not Included in Grade Point Average

Code Description 
AU Audit 
AUF  Coure not taken for credit, audit requirements not met 
AEG Aegrotat standing, credit granted where applicable 
CIP Course in progress 
I Incomplete
P Course requirements completed satisfactorily, credit granted when applicable 
SD Standing deferred
T Graduating essay not submitted, course continuing 
TA Terminated for lack of attendance 
TP Terminated for unsatisfactory performance 
TRF Transfer credit 
W Withdrawal