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You find your myOkanagan account from our homepage in the top right hand corner of the page. To have a look right now, simply click here to open our homepage.

Login to myOkanagan

On Saturday August 12, 2017 the myOkanagan student portal will be updated. This will result in a change to the way you log in to myOkanagan

If you have logged into a computer or WiFi at OC within the past few months

  • User Name is your 300xxxxxx@stu.oc  
  • Password is the password that you use to log into an OC computer

If you have never logged into a computer or WiFi at OC before:

  • User Name is your 300xxxxxx@stu.oc
  • Password will be your birth date in the format of mmddyyyy
  • After you have successfully logged in for the first time, you will then have the option to change your password to one of your choosing

Going forward this means you will now only have one account 300xxxxxx@stu.oc and one password to access an OC computer and myOkanagan.

Help, I can't login

If you are having difficulties logging in, please contact Okanagan College’s IT Services Help Desk via one of the following methods:

Phone: 250-762-5445 Ext. 4444 or 1-866-839-4032 (Toll Free)


Live support chat (business hours only)

Service Request


Where do I find the info?

Once you are logged into myOkanagan, you will see a menu icon on the top left corner. The Student area is where you will spend most of your time and where you can register for courses, view your student records, download and print your T2202A tax forms etc.



How-to Add and Drop Classes
To view in full screen click the icon on the bottom right of the video.

The student area in your myOkanagan account is your self-serve counter. You can add and drop courses, pay your tuition, print your tax forms and so much more.

Once you have a look at the basic "How-to" information below, just go ahead and browse around your myOkanagan Student Tab. It is easier than you think! 

The Registration link allows you register for your classes or drop them if you no longer wish to attend (Click on Add or Drop Classes once in the Registration section.) 

Let's have a quick look at how to do add a class.

 MyOC Add Classes

Most students build their timetable in ClassFinder first and then simply register for the classes they have chosen by typing the CRNs (Course Reference Numbers) into the myOkanagan screen below (Add or Drop Classes).

Note: if your chosen class has two components such as a lab and a lecture, you will have to use Class Search - entering the CRN will not add both components of the class.

Submit Changes to save the class selections and register for the classes. You are then able to look at your class schedule and pay for your classes after submitting your changes.

Class Search allows you to search for classes if you decided to skip building your timetable in ClassFinder.  

 MyOC Look Up Classes
Look Up Classes by clicking on the Class Search button at the bottom of the Add or Drop Class screen above.
In the example above, we searched for an Anthropology class in Kelowna in the Winter 2010 semester. You can choose which class you like and Register or Add to Worksheet. Your worksheet is similar to a shopping cart where your selection is saved until you are ready to check out and register.
Become a Student Select: A checkbox allows you tick the box and select the course while a "C" indicates a closed section that you cannot register for
Become a Student CRN: Course Reference Number (10087)
Become a Student Subj: Subject (ANTH - Anthropology, ENGL - English etc.)
Become a Student Crse: Course number (121 - Anthropology 121)
Become a Student Sec: Section, any section starting with "D" indicates a distance course
Become a Student CMP: Campus (K - Kelowna, V - Vernon, D - Distance etc.)
Become a Student  Cred: Credit hours (3.000 - 3 credits hours)  
Become a Student Title: Course title
Become a Student Days: M - Monday, T - Tuesday, W - Wednesday, T - Thursday, F - Friday, S - Saturday, U - Sunday
Become a Student
Date: the Monday of the first week of classes until the Friday of the last week of classes. Your class will begin on the weekday indicated in "Days" not necessarily on the date indicated here. (ANTH 121 runs Tuesdays and Thursdays, so it will start Jan. 5th)