Electrical helping with the electrical at the Fire MuseumStudents from the Electrician Foundation Program  are helping wire the new Fire Museum  - over the course of two full weeks, a rotation of students are coming in, pulling out the old wires, and installing new ones. 

“It’s a fantastic experience,” says Okanagan College instructor Tom Stapleton, who is supervising the students along with fellow instructor Gary Walters. “This site was built in the 1940s so it has everything really – old wiring, new wiring, connections that weren’t done correctly even from the start. And then there’s all the computer and telephone wiring – that’s a bit of a mess – it’s all just running all over the place.”
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It’s that kind of hands-on experience that classrooms have a tough time replicating, and really aids students in deciding whether a career is for them, says Stapleton.  “It’s absolutely the best way we could teach them. It’s a total win/win situation.”                                                                                 

Jim Gamble the chair of the Electrical Department  says these types of community partnership projects help students understand the relevance of their career in more ways than one, and he’s open to hearing from other community groups interested in helping students deepen their skills. 

For more information about community partnerships, contact Jim Gamble at 250-762-5445 ext. 4882 or email