Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) M-License

What makes each Aircraft special?

Aircraft Maintenance Engineers work so closely with a variety of aircraft that they learn to tell the differences between the curve of their wings and where to find their hidden flight data recorders.

The training provided in our program is applicable to both rotary wing aircraft (helicopters) and fixed wing aircraft, covering a wide range of subjects with emphasis on practical training. Some of the major subjects taught include aviation law, theory of flight, power plants (turbine and piston), air frame structures and systems, hydraulics, electrical and avionics systems.

If you choose this career and apply for our program you will be trained at our Vernon Aerospace campus for the first 48 weeks and the final 14 weeks at the Northern Lights College Aerospace Centre in Dawson Creek.  At both campuses you will find instructors that are not only knowledgeable but have passion for what they do and all aspects of aviation.  

Behind every safe landing is a team of Aircraft Maintenance Engineers!  

Contact our Trades office to learn more about a Student for a Day experience in Aircraft Maintenance programs.  Call 250 862 5457 or email            

Program Details:  62  weeks (approx. 15 months)
                             Monday - Friday
                             8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Outcomes:  The curriculum follows Transport Canada's guidelines and upon successful completion of the program, Transport Canada will grant graduates 18 months of experience credits toward the 48-month experience requirement for an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer license. Graduates also receive a diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering from Northern Lights College.

Employment Opportunities:  Aircraft Maintenance Technicians work for airline companies, the armed forces, and anywhere where aircraft are engineered, manufactured or maintained.

Locations:  Vernon Aerospace Campus                                  6225 Okanagan Landing Rd   

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Tuition Fee & Details  ** Tuition does not include  the 14 wk Term at Northern Lights College (costs available on request 1-877-755-2266 ext. 5619).

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