Aerospace Department 

Take your career to new heights as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

With local, national and global demand for Aircraft Maintenance Engineers soaring, Okanagan College is working with industry to train the next generation of skilled technicians. Our aircraft maintenance program graduates are prepared for immediate entry into the field of aviation. 

Aircraft Maintenance Technician (AMT) - formally titled Aircraft Maintenance Engineer M-License (AME-M)

This newly re-titled program teaches skills for both rotary wing aircraft (helicopters) and fixed wing aircraft, covering a wide range of subjects with emphasis on practical training. Some of the major subjects taught include aviation law, theory of flight, power plants (turbine and piston), air frame structures and systems, hydraulics, electrical and avionics systems. 

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer S-License (AME-S)

Structures technicians are often an integral part of repair teams including maintenance technicians, avionics technicians and professional engineers. They are expected to precisely follow aircraft fabrication, assembly, installation, and repair schemes for: aluminum, titanium and stainless steel structures; windscreens, windows, and lenses; and, plastics and composites. 

Check out our Aerospace Programs located at the Kelowna and Vernon Airports

Try a Student for a Day experience!

During a Student for a Day experience, participants will be able to join the current class in the shop to gain better insight into student's everyday activies, speak with the instructors about the industry, and help them narrow down their decision on which program is the right fit for them.   

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AMT (formally named AME M-License)
Instructor:Hal Hobenshield  
AME S-License  
Instructor/Chairperson: Dale Martell