Karen Hennig

K. Hennig

Prior to attending the Welding 'C' program at OC, I acquired a Diploma in Landscape Architectural Technology and worked at a garden center and nursery as well as for a landscape architect.

I was looking for a change and became interested in a Welding program offered by OUC in partnership with Northside Industries. The partnership offered in 2 parts, the first being 8 weeks of training, followed by a work/training portion wherein I work at Northside Industries as well as attend classes at OC. The Welding 'C' program has taught me the basic fitting skills, general shop and equipment knowledge as well as work place ethics.

I am still attending the program and working at Northside Industries where I am on a productioin line making class B truck parts, i.e. packer blades, J-brackets.

Eric Larsen

E. Larsen

Prior to attending the entry level Welding 'C' program, I took the entry level Heavy Duty/Commercial Transport Mechanic program at OC and became employed in that industry which included welding.

As a result, I became interested in the welding aspect of the trade and returned to OC to take the Welding 'C' program. I returned to work in the heavy equipment industry and have since received my Welding 'B' ticket.

I am currently working and attending OC to get my Pressure Ticket. With the addition of the Pressure Test Welding, I believe that my chosen career will be both interesting and challenging and will allow for a wider variety of jobs.