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"All my experience has been in commercial cabinetry.
Getting a good taste of more furniture building was
fantastic." - Robin F.

 "A Cabinetmakers environment while learning the fundamentals of joinery."  - Chris S.

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About the Studio Woodworking Program:

Studio Woodworking is a full-time 38 week (8 months and 3 weeks) program encompassing a wide range of woodworking disciplines. This program is available to English speaking men and women from anywhere in the world.

Our well equipped facilities are located in heart of Wine Country in the beautiful Okanagan Valley in British Columbia. The Campus is on KLO Road in Kelowna BC and is just two blocks from Lake Okanagan.
Okanagan College, Kelowna and the entire region is one of Canada's foremost vacation destinations.

Graduates of this program will receive credit for level 1 apprenticeship technical training as a Cabinetmaker (Joiner) and may also be granted practical credit from the Industry Training Authority.  A graduate of the Studio Woodworking Program will also achieve a Certificate from Okanagan College.

People of all skill levels will benefit from this program. More advanced woodworkers will be able to work at more advanced projects at a higher pace.

Graduates of Studio Woodworking are welcome to return for a second term. Advanced students will be able to design and construct sequentially advanced projects using precious materials and finer woodworking techniques while still under the guidance of the instructor. 

If you have a passion for woodworking, this is the place.

Why take the Studio Woodworking Program?

Upon successful completion of this program you will have core skills that will enable you to seek employment in any of the many facets of the woodworking industry and begin your apprenticeship journey.

This program may also provide an opportunity for someone already experienced in the trade to gain further skills in fine woodworking. This program will provide a fantastic launching point towards a life of creation and satisfaction.   

The Studio Woodworking Program is a hands on environment combined with class room instruction.

You will be provided with all the necessary tools and equipment as well as your own workbench. If you have your own layout and/or hand tools we encourage you to bring them with you. Each student has a secure tool chest and locker to keep personal items and books.

The Shop:
The state of the art joinery shop at Okanagan College has the luxury of large windows creating lots of natural light. Our shop is very well equipped with state of the art hand tools. We have huge variety of well maintained stationary machines with industrial dust collection. Many of our machines and tools are new.

Our fully equipped tool room has a full time attendant and any wood working tool you could imagine. The bench room has a wood floor and cabinetmakers benches for each student. We also have a heated spray booth equipped with high quality spray equipment as well as breathing air equipment.  We always have a large inventory of both fine veneers and solid hardwoods. We stock highly figured and exotic hardwood/ veneer as well.

This program will be demanding because of the amount of material being covered, but it will be presented at a natural pace, in a natural order. There is time for each student to absorb the concepts, skills and feel of this wonderful craft. 

Texts and handout materials will be yours to keep for reference in the future.

Topics Covered During the Program:
  • Safety principles related to the Woodworking trade.
  • The identification of solid woods (domestic, figured and exotic),veneer,  plywood, composition boards, and laminates.
  • Creating shop drawings (basic drafting) and understanding blueprints.
  • Selection and safe use of hand tools and portable power tools.
  • How to safely operate and understand all major woodworking machines.
  • Joints and joinery techniques, both by hand and machine.
  • Design and build curved parts and panels.
  • Assembly Techniques.
  • Frame and panel construction.
  • Design and build woodworking projects to professional standards.
  • How to use AutoCad. (Computer Aided Design)
  • Finishing: How to apply several types of quality finishes. From hand to high tech spray finishes.
  • Introduction to CNC machining.
  • How to select, join, press, and finish veneered panels both flat and curved.
  • Vacuum bag Techniques.
  • Selection and safe use of air powered tools.
  • Marquetry and inlay techniques.
  • Basic Carving.
  • The design and layout process.
  • How to photograph your own work.
  • How to create a portfolio and market your work or yourself.
  • Client / Maker interface. Estimating.
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The Studio Woodworking Program starts annually in September and is thirty eight weeks in total.  We use a five day work week with Friday being a half day.  Please contact us and register early as this program accommodates a limited number of students.

Instructor:  Tim Diebert, Journeyman Cabinetmaker/ Joiner.
Tim has 30 years of full time experience in the woodworking industry. His work has included Custom Guitar making, Boat building, Custom Furniture, Yacht Interiors, Staircases and Balustrades, Millwork and Movie sets.
A small portfolio can be seen

For more information please contact our Trades and Apprenticeship Office:

Phone: 250-762-5445 ext. 5457;  Toll Free 1-877-755-2266 ext. 5457; or Email Tim Diebert: