Community Involvement

Little Travellers’ Traffic & Pedestrian Safety Village  holds strong memories for most residents in Kelowna, who either have a story or two about; their experiences there as a child or about watching their children's excitement while visiting there! 
Vintage pedal cars hold happy memories for Kelowna residents
The Collision Repair department is working with the Kelowna & District Safety Council to restore their special pedal cars and make them new once more.  This has been a great training experience for students who are giving them a lot of TLC.   Thirty one (31) pedal cars have been updated from March 2016 to April 2017.
 2016-2017 Collision Repair/Refinishing Program's Student Project  
 Look close pedal cars painted in foreground and worked on in background, l  
Still a long way to go in getting the new patch of Pedal Cars ready for the road!

Pedal Car flipped on it's back to work on its underbelly and fibre glass work.

 The entire class is working on restoring the pedal cars with tender loving care!
 2015-2016 Collision Repair/Refinishing Prep Technician  Student Project  
Collision Repair Student taking care in his part of the restoration Students having fun restoring pedal cars for kids
Pedal Cars are great training aids Waiting for a little TLC
Every student is getting involved... Lots of TLC going into their restoration
 First cars through traditional colors
 A great pain job is going to make all the difference!
Glowing new colors Brilliant colors
 Cars almost ready to go
 Thanks Students for all your hard work with still more to restore!
Thanks to the Students for all their hard work
 Back at the village and in use again - puts a smile on your face to see children peddling them around.
Happy to see the cars back in use and ready for many more years of use