Josh Taylor

J. Taylor
My name is Josh Taylor and for the past 10 months I have been attending the entry level Carpentry/Joinery program at OUC. In June of 2001 I completed high school and immediately came to OUC to start the program. During the 10-month program I have received a great deal of knowledge and insight into the carpentry trade, and, in my opinion, have found the course to be excellent, the instructors knowledgeable and willing to assist students. In April 2002 I will complete the entry level program and head out into the work force to begin as an apprentice in the carpentry trade.

A short time ago I returned to my hometown to see if I could become employed. I visited several construction companies and found that they were both pleased and impressed that I have been taking training in the carpentry field. Once I have completed, I am sure that I will be hired.

I have no doubt that because of this program I have received an excellent start and an advantage for employment that I would not normally experienced. I would recommend that anyone seeking a career in the carpentry trade to take the entry level Carpentry/Joinery program at OUC.

Otto Lohn

O. Lohn
I completed the entry level Carpentry/Joinery program at OUC. The program offered me a variety of learning experiences which included measuring and job costing, knowledge of tools, forklift work, and provided an overview of the construction trade principles. All of these skills helped build my confidence required to complete construction tasks easily.

As a co-owner of Okanagan Hardwood Floors, OUC has prepared me well. I have 12 years experience in the construction industry and have worked in many million dollar homes locally and abroad; most recently installing a hardwood floor in Buckingham Palace.

Karl Featherstone

K. Featherstone
The entry level Carpentry/Joinery program at OUC has given me the understanding and a range of practical experience with safe practices and carpentry skills such as framing, joinery, finishing, concrete formwork, trades math, site layout, reading blueprints as well as building codes. Employers have appreciated my education and the range of practical experience that the program has given me.

I chose carpentry as a career because I get to use an array of skills - it is creative and there are so many long term opportunities in a variety of places.