Construction Craft Worker Apprenticeship

A Construction Craft Worker (CCW) is a person who installs utility piping, places concrete, constructs roads, performs selective demolition, and underground work. They assist skilled tradespersons such as Carpenters, Bricklayers and Cement Finishers in construction activities, help Heavy Equipment Operators secure special attachments to equipment, guides operators in moving equipment and performs laboring activities at construction sites. Apprentices are required to attend a total of 8 weeks of technical training over this 2 year apprenticeship.


Outcome: Successful completion grants the apprentice with the Certificate of Qualification as a Red Seal Construction Craft Worker.

Achieving your Red Seal Endorsement (RSE) will provide you with a set of nationally recognized and transferable skills that will provide you with an opportunity for employment across Canada. 

All trades offered at Okanagan College lead to the Red Seal

CCW Level 2 - started Oct. 2 at the Kelowna Campus of Okanagan College.               

     Campus: Kelowna 
                    1000 KLO Rd.


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 Construction Craft Worker laying concrete

Construction Craft Worker - Scaffolding Construction Craft Worker