Carpenter and Joiner Foundation

Interested in a career as a Carpenter or a Joiner?

Did you know that Carpenters build nearly every building and structure you see—the hospital you were born in, the home you live in, the school you study at, the arena you play in, the movie theatre you’re heading to tonight—wouldn’t exist without a Carpenter!   Joiners (Cabinet Makers) are the designers of the carpentry world. While Carpenters are responsible for building the structures from the ground up, Cabinet Makers use similar skills on a smaller scale to craft the furniture and finishes that go inside.  At Okanagan College we combine the curriculum of the Carpentry and our Joinery foundation programs giving students who successfully complete the program the option to choose their own path and become either a Carpenter or a Cabinet Maker.

With the expertise of our highly trained instructors and training in our modern industry-like shops, students will receive the skills, experience and familiarity of both trades giving you the confidence and training that employers are looking for.   


Program Details:   30-week (900 hours) 
Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Outcome:  Graduates of this program will receive credit for Level 1 Apprenticeship technical training as a Carpenter or as a Joiner (Cabinet Maker) and may also be granted practical credit from the Industry Training Authority.

On successful registration and sponsorship into an apprenticeship program, the Industry Training Authority (ITA) will request that graduates choose which apprenticeship path they intend to pursue as noted in outcomes below.

Employment Opportunities:  Carpenters often work for construction and renovation companies and in the maintenance departments of buildings and factories. Some even start their own businesses.  Joiners (Cabinet Makers) put their skills to use at furniture manufacturing or repair companies, a construction company, as a cabinet-making contractor—or start your own business and work for yourself.

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