FSR Electrical Code Program

The Electrical Code for Field Safety Representatives is required for those that wish to write the Technical Safety BC exam. The format for these courses are interactive, using real world examples and organic teaching principles with an emphasis on active participation.  After class homework is limited.

Class A FSR- Unlimited voltage, unlimited current

Class B FSR- 750 volts or less, unlimited current

Class C FSR- 240 volts, 200 amps, single phase

Class LO FSR- Low energy under 100 VA

Class RE FSR- Refrigeration

Class SA FSR- Security alarm

Class UR FSR- Underground raceway (currently in progress)

Electrical Safety Workshop for Qualified Professionals




Individuals must make their own arrangements for the exam with Technical Safety BClinks to external site

Participants will receive a Certificate of Completion for these courses upon 80% attendance.