Apprenticeship Student Refund Policy

Withdrawals prior to the start of class:

Apprenticeship students who withdraw from an apprenticeship program prior to the start date of the class may apply for a refund under the following conditions and deadlines::

  • 30+ days prior to the start of class: a full refund, less the non-refundable fee of $200, will be issued
  • 29 days to the last business day prior to the start of the class: refund of ancillary fees only.

Apprenticeship students who are deemed by Okanagan College to be inadmissible to attend the program will receive a full refund of the deposit.

Withdrawals after the class start date:

Apprenticeship students who withdraw or are removed from a program due to absenteeism or academic performance will not receive a refund.

Withdrawal due to medical or extenuating reasons:

Apprenticeship students who withdraw due to a medical or extenuating circumstance must submit the Withdrawal for Medical or Compassionate Reasons form with the necessary documentation to the Registrar's Office. Determination of any refund will be based on this information. If the withdrawal request is not approved, the withdrawal will be subject to the normal refund policy, as stated above.

Okanagan College cancels a class:

When Okanagan College cancels an apprenticeship program or changes a program schedule, the apprenticeship student may apply for a full refund or transfer of funds to an available seat in an open intake, provided the payment is applied toward an intake that starts within the same April 1 - March 31 funding period.

Note:  All refunds, whether prior to the start of class or after, are processed and paid to the Apprenticeship student unless there is a “sponsorship” letter on file. If there is a "sponsorship" letter on file, the refund is issued directly to the employer/company.