Grants and Loan Documents

The Apprenticeship Incentive Grant will provide direct support to apprentices in the first two years of an approved apprenticeship training program (Red Seal trades). The taxable grant is $1000 for Level 1 and $1000 for Level 2. Through this grant, the Government of Canada is encouraging more young Canadians to pursue an apprenticeship and help meet Canada's future need for skilled tradespeople. ​This grant is only available after you have completed the specificed level of technical training and have a specific number of work-based hours on your ITA transcript.

In Budget 2018, the Government of Canada announced a new Apprenticeship Incentive Grant for Women to further support women in entering, progressing, and completing their training in Red Seal trades where women are underrepresented. The Apprenticeship Incentive Grant for Women (AIG-W) is a taxable cash grant of $3,000 per year/level (or equivalent) up to a maximum amount of $6,000 per person. Applications will open in early December 2018.

  • Apprenticeship Completion Grant

    The Apprenticeship​ Completion Grant is a $2000 taxable cash grant for apprenticeship who complete their apprenticeship training and obtain Red Seal endorsement or a Provincial/Territorial Certificate of Qualification in a designated Red Seal trade

  • BC Tax Credit Form

    Apprentices who complete their 3rd and 4th year of any apprenticeship program may be eligible for a tax credit. The apprentice will receive the tax credit when they file their annual income taxes. Apprentices will be eligible for a tax credit of $2000 for completing Level 3 and a credit for $2500 for completing Level 4 of any apprenticeship. For more information visit

Apprentices registered in a Red Seal trade apprenticeship program who meet the eligibility requirements to Canada Apprentice Loan (CAL) may receive up to $4000 in loans per period of technical training. The purpose of the CAL is to provide apprentices registered in Red Seal trades with loans to assist with the costs to attend technical training. ​

  • LNG Canada Trades Training Fund 

    The LNG Canada Trades Training Fund is available for application by employers on behalf of their apprentices who are high-demand trades. Funding can be requested for apprenticeship training, foundation training, and specialized, technical, and managerial training. Only small companies with 20 employees or less, who are supporting apprenticeship in the demand trades, are eligible. 

  •  T2202A Tax Form

Your T2202A tax form is available online via MyOkanagan on the last day of February.

​​To access your tax form:

  • Login to MyOkanagan at
    • Username: 300XXXXXX@stu.oc
    • Password: Birthdate (mmddyyyy)
  • Click the "T2202A Tax Form" link under Online Services

If you have any problems accessing your MyOkanagan account, please call IT Services at 
1-866-839-4032 or complete an online MyOkanagan Password Reset Request. 

  • Tradesperson's Tools Deduction

    The Federal government will now provide tax recognition for the costs that many employed tradespeople incur to provide their own tools in their employment duties. A deduction (up to a maximum of $500/year) will be allowed for the total cost of new tools acquired by an employed tradesperson in a tax year in excess of $1000. Employer will need to certify that the employee is required to obtain those tools for use in employment activities. 



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