Recommended Program

An Associate of Science Degree is a 2 year program.

A student wishing to transfer to another institution to complete a Bachelors degree can transfer all courses from their Associate of Science to any University in B.C. providing the overall average is 60% or better. This is a benefit, because Universities will not give transfer credit for certain individual courses with a mark of less than 60%.

Some universities give preferred entrance to students with an Associate of Science.

An Associate of Science gives the student 60 credits towards their Bachelors degree (usually 120 credits in total).

Students may need to take some further 2nd year courses at the University to fulfill the requirements of that institution. Refer to the program requirements of the receiving institution. You can find these on the institution web site.

Students planning to transfer to specialized programs may be better advised to take specific courses rather than trying to fulfill the requirements of the Associate Degree.         

Requirements for an Associate of Science Degree

Associate of Science Sample Worksheet (pdf) This is an example of a set of Okanagan College courses which satisfy the requirements for the Associate of Science and might be taken by a student with an interest in mathematics. 

Associate of Science Blank Worksheet (pdf) This a blank worksheet that you can use to map out your own Associate of Science program.