Problem of the Month CONTEST


The Okanagan College Math Problem of the Month is back for school year 2015-2016!

We will no longer by mailing problems out to the schools, but we will continue to post problems on our website.  Each month, from October to May, we will post a math problem.  If you are an Okanagan Valley student in Grades 7 through 12, you are eligible to enter the contest.  You simply need to solve the problem and then send your solution in to us at OC.  As a reward for a correct solution (other than the intrinsic fun of having arrived at it, of course!), you will receive an entry into a monthly draw for a prize.  Fame and glory will accompany this, of course.  If you correctly solve the monthly problem (and give us permission - see FIPPA below), we'll publish your name on this website.

 FIPPA ,  FIPPA , what the heck is  FIPPA ? Well,  FIPPA  stands for Freedom of Information - Protection of Privacy. It is B.C. provincial government legislation. If you want the fame and glory of getting your name published on our website, not to mention a shot at the prize, then you must get a FIPPA  waiver signed and send it in to us. A blank FIPPA waiver form can be found by clicking here.  Good Luck!

Current Problem:

March 2016 Problem of the Month (French)

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