Katherine Oliver Memorial Scholarship


Katherine Oliver was a highly valued and much loved member of the OUC chemistry department from 1989 until her passing in 2001. Dr. Oliver received her B.Sc. with Honours from the University of British Columbia and her Ph.D. in synthetic Inorganic Chemistry from UBC in 1984.

Her Ph.D. thesis was entitled: The synthesis and characterization of copper(II) phosphinate coordination polymers. After leaving UBC she worked as a postdoctoral fellow from 1984-88 with the National Research Council of Canada in Ottawa. During her years at OUC her research focused on the synthesis and characterization of novel inorganic compounds.

Dr. Oliver was hired by the Chemistry department at OUC in 1989. She taught first year chemistry (Chem 122) for many years and taught Chem 221 (Inorganic Chemistry) and all 3rd and fourth year inorganic chemistry courses.

Dr. Oliver was extremely generous and charitable in her own quiet way. She was direct with a kind manner and an unrestrained sense of humour. She loved spending time with her horse, her cats and in her garden. She is sadly missed and fondly remembered by all of her colleagues and friends.

A scholarship fund was established in her honour.  Recipients are chosen annually based on academic achievement and enrollment in a second year chemistry course (see criteria below).

The following is the list winners of the Katherine W. Oliver Memorial Chemistry Scholarship:

  • 2018 - Laura Kelly 
  • 2017 - Levi Kelbert 
  • 2016 - Gurleen Kaur
  • 2015 - Miaoran Li
  • 2014 - Garnet Harris
  • 2013 - Taylor Weizl
  • 2012 - Danica Massey
  • 2011 - Brett Lipkovits
  • 2010 - Nicole Stragier
  • 2009 - Tristan Flock
  • 2008 - Reyanna Inkster-Henning
  • 2007 - Jesh Thiessen
  • 2006 - Tom Michie and Chien Hung Lai

The criteria for this scholarship are:

  1. The recipient will have completed one or more years of full time study (minimum of 12 credits per term) in the Science University Transfer program and will be returning the following September for their second year of full time study in the Science University Transfer program at Okanagan College.

  2. The recipient will have completed one of CHEM 111 or 112 and one of CHEM 121 or 122 and will be returning to take one or more second year chemistry course(s).

  3. Selection of the award will be based on the highest grade average obtained in both first year chemistry courses taken.

  4. The recipient will be registered at any campus of Okanagan College.

  5. The final selection of the award recipient will be made by the Department of Chemistry.