Comments from graduating students..

The first semester of the program, I was a Nervous Nelly. I hadn't made a single presentation in my life before college. I hardly knew what I had signed up for, but these past two years have been completely worth my time, money, and effort. It's been a life-changing experience. I thought that I was just going to be getting a diploma and a career but it's much more than that. I've grown so much as a person. My self-esteem is higher, and I've made some great connections. I've been humbled many, many times by clients and patients - they most often inspire and teach me more than I do for them. I look forward to developing the skills that we've learned in class because there's so much more to learn and practice and improve. I signed up for the program because I wanted a "back up plan", but have now realized that it truly is a good match and I look forward to jumping into the work right away!

Janae, 2016 Graduate

Two years ago, when I started the Therapist Assistant Program, my knowledge about rehabilitation was so limited. All I knew about rehabilitation was how physiotherapy helped in acute cases. I had no idea about occupational or recreation therapy. My knowledge started growing gradually after taking the first courses in the program. Recreation therapy changed the quality of my life, and I learned a lot of new skills to enjoy my leisure time. Recreation therapy gave me the experience to help people with physical, cognitive, social, and emotional limitations, and to make their lives more valuable through funny ways. Occupational therapy helps me to break down the barriers which impede me in my everyday activities, and to help other individuals to do that too. The most important thing I gained from this program are great relationships with lovely friends, and the priceless knowledge from our great and supportive instructors. By the end of this two years, I feel so lucky to be part of this group and I will miss you all.

Amnah, 2016 Graduate

Comment from a clinical supervising therapist..

This students verbal communication skills are a strong strength of hers. From the very first day of placement, the entire ACT team was incredibly impressed with her strong interpersonal skills, sense of initiative, and flexible attitude. She exuded confidence when interacting with our very challenging client-base, and worked hard to make sure each client was comfortable working with her. She was able to easily adapt to working with a large group of clients who varied widely in their presentations (including demographics, diagnoses, and cognitive functioning level).