TAD Mission, Vision & Values

Okanagan College Therapist Assistant Diploma Program

Our mission is to provide high quality education that transforms lives and communities.

The Therapist Assistant Diploma program will provide education that is reflective of
current practice standards and guidelines. Our program outcomes integrate the theory,
knowledge and clinical skills required to graduate competent entry-level Therapist
Assistants. We develop collaborative relationship that are responsive to our
community’s needs.


As a leading Therapist Assistant Diploma program in Canada, we create outstanding
educational experiences for future Therapist Assistants. We foster a welcoming and
caring culture for learning. We are a catalyst for change through collaboration with our
learners and partners.


We embrace the Core values of Okanagan College.

 Learner Success. Learners are at the heart of everything we do.
 Access. We advocate and promote access to education.
 Continuous Improvement. We strive to do better tomorrow than we did today.
 Collegiality. In all our interactions, we act with respect and integrity.
 Diversity. We support an inclusive environment.
 Sustainability. We strive for social, environmental and economic sustainability.
 Collaboration. We embrace the opportunity to work with and learn from each other.
 Innovation. We introduce, evaluate and embrace new ideas.