Practical Nursing Program Survey

Skills learned in the lab must be evaluated so that students practice safely and competently in the clinical setting.

Please note that your responses to this questionnaire are voluntary and anonymous. Your responses are confidential and will not impact your marks or standing in the class in any way.  Your participation is much appreciated.

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Which campus did you take your course?
What is the highest semester completed at time of answering this survey?
1. Certifications motivate me to learn to competently perform a skill.
2. I find that I focus on memorizing the steps in the certification to succeed in a certification instead of learning to competently perform skills.
3. Concern about failing a certification is what makes me nervous about certifications.
4. Certification testing increases my confidence in performing specific skills.
5. Studying and practising for certifications prepares me to perform skills competently and safely in the practice setting.
6. Certifications help me to demonstrate my ability to competently and safely perform skills and think critically.
7. Certifications produce higher stress levels for me than final exams.

Thank you for your participation in our questionnaire. We appreciate your feedback!