Practical Nursing

Training to Become a Practical Nurse 

The Practical Nursing Diploma program is designed to provide learners with the knowledge, skills, judgments, and attitudes to perform the full range of competencies as identified by the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of British Columbia. The program provides a learning experience that is integrated, professional, collaborative and culturally sensitive with an aim to prepare graduates to care for individuals and families at multiple life stages and in a variety of practice settings.

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Becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse in Canada: Requisite Skills and Abilities

 The curriculum is comprised of 4 semesters: 

Semester 1 covers the basic fundamentals of nursing and nursing practice, focusing on development across the lifespan and the healthy adult.

Semester 2 focuses on the gerontological client and chronic illness. Students are introduced to health care in various settings, with a particular emphasis on clients living in long term care settings.

Semester 3 focuses on care of the client in the acute care setting experiencing episodic illness or exacerbation of chronic illness.

Semester 4 focuses on clients experiencing mental health illnesses, the obstetric client and pediatric clients.

Each semester is comprised of theory and laboratory practice to prepare students for consolidated practice experience which provides the opportunity for them to apply both the theory and skills in the practice setting. The curriculum is based on the concepts of learning spirals, which takes students from simple to complex and constructivism approaches to learning.

Transition to preceptorship provides the opportunity for students to review key skills prior to the final practice experience.

Preceptorship is the final practice experience for students. Students are paired with a professional working in the field for 6 weeks in order to consolidate their learning in the program.

Admission Requirements

In addition to the Biology, Mathematics, and English admission requirements students must also complete the pre-practical Human Anatomy and Physiology (PNUR 113) course through Distance Education offered at Okanagan College.

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